Friday, October 28, 2011

We match yet AGAIN!!!! and a li'l DIY

Another match post?? Yeah another one :P
This time not just two,this time its threesome!!
Debanjana, Jayeeta (college mates) and I wore the same tunic to class some days back.
With the Military green color,we looked like Army soldiers all ready to march...hehe.

No more words, straight to the pics,take a look :)

If you take a closer look,you can make out that Debanjana's (the one in the middle) is a li'l different from mine and Jayeeta's but it looks the same from a distance.

And I got inspired by Amie's Lace bow hair clip and tried out making one with ribbons(am wearing it in the pic above,but its not really visible there!!). Here is a closer look-

So what is your opinion of my li'l DIY experiment?? You can also make out your's. Here is the tutorial.
With exams knocking at the door,am going offline for around 2 months,catch you all after am done with the exam thing.
Bubbye till then
Love ya all


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