Monday, October 10, 2011

Post Puja

 Its just 4 days past Durga Puja & my wait for the next puja begins.... Well one good part is Diwali is yet to come... :D

So as I had promised that I would come back with some puja snaps...
 The puja in Kolkata is celebrated with diffrent themes varying from real places like Kashmir and Sanchi to imaginary lands like Hogwarts oand the Garden of Eden,Unique styles of Decorating ranging from Jute,Used bottles,CDs,Bamboo,small mirrors,cane baskets etc etc. The idol of the Goddess in these pandals (tents where the idols are worshiped during the Puja) often are modeled according to their respective themes. Take a look how the Goddess looked at different pandals-

Now lets have a look how the pandals looked like from outside-
                                                A trip to the beautiful valleys of Kashmir.

                                                                    Lets go to Space :D

                                        This pandal was made and decorated with colored bamboos.

                          This was based on France's Louvre Museum,you can see the glass pyramid in front.

         The highest Durga pratima (idol) this year in Kolkata, this one measured a huge 14.5 mtrs!!

                              Pandal modeled on the Buddhist Stupa of  Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

 This pandal was modeled based on a temple in Bishnupur (a place in Bengal,the puja there is as old as  1013 yrs!!)
                                           This one was made out of flutes and hand cymbals !!

                          Used circuit items and motherboards were used to make these robots!!

 This artificial tree at a pandal was modeled out of synthetic ropes for the trunk and slightly inflated surgical gloves painted green and yellow for the leaves.

                                      This was made entirely from whiskey,wine and beer bottles.

                                                                       Entrance to Eden

                                                                 The Garden Of Eden

                                                Land of Fairies & Butterflies for the tiny tots

                                                This one was made entirely from tiny bits of mirrors.

This one was based on Kashmir(a state in India)

The puja is not just about pandal hopping,its also about new clothes,pre puja shopping and wonderful food...
That is all for now...bubbye till next ....have a great day ahead :)
& Subho Bijoya to all  :D

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