Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guest post

Hello everyone!!
This is the very first guest post on my blog and am so glad that Anju agreed to do it for me....thanks a bunch Anju :D
So here's presenting *drum rolls* Anju!!!  Am sure she is somebody who needs no introduction. She is one of the best make up bloggers I know of. Found her blog while checking up for some good eye liners and am so glad I found her. She has the most wonderful make up tips on her sleeves and whats the best part,you have regular product and site reviews which are very very helpful. And guess what??? She is a doctor by profession,yep you heard me (or rather read me) right!! She is a doctor. Am amazed how she manages to keep her job and maintain such a wonderful blog together!! no more blabber lets go straight to what she has to say-

Hi all, Its been a long time since I did a guest post and Swarnali was kind enough to give me the oppurtunity
and a big thanks to you Swarnali.Your blog is amazing and I love reading the posts. I am flattered and happy
to know that you like my blog. It sure is nice to post your thoughts on other blogs once in a while
and once again I thank Swarnali for thinking about me. Today, I will be reviewing MAKEUPFOREVER HD POWDER.
Read on to find more......

When this product was first released it was hyped to be the next BIG thing in makeup industry. It is an HD powder that
claims to keep the face matte and promoted as the product to use during photoshoots. But, then came the huge
Hollywood makeup accident where a number of celebrities were photographed with whitish cast on photographs and this 
was found to be the culprit. I know that this is not the proper way to start talking about this product but it sure is a 
huge con and people planning to buy this should keep this in mind.

In the pic above you can see the horrifying faces of both Eva Longoria & Nicole Kidman

I was on the look out for an HD powder that would keep my face matte and came across this wonderful 
product that claimed to do exactly that. It can be worn on its own or over foundation to provide the
smooth velvetty look to face.
It comes in a 10gm jar and has a sifter on top which allows the product to come out. Make sure that you keep 
half of the sifter closed and if not most of the powder will come out and sit on top of the jar leading to
unnecessary wastage.

The product itself is a white colored setting powder that becomes transparent once its on the face. So, it
can be used by all skintones.I use a kabuki brush to apply this. No whitish cast will be seen by the naked eye. 
Overall it gives the face the much needed evenness and keeps the makeup lasting longer and fresh.It does not 
provide any coverage. It is talc free, but contains silica powder.
Personally I love this why so much negativity surrounding this particular product. It DOES NOT
leave a whitish cast even under flash photography when used with a LIGHT hand. I have used this & I have purposefully
taken flash photo to see the effect and I didn't see any white cast as I used only a very "light, needed" amount 
on my face.If you have your way with it then in real life you will look normal but once the flash hits you, you will end
up looking like one of those celebs above which is not acceptable and that too from such a big company.

I think the powder fails and gets so much of negative press as its marketed as HD powder for heavy duty flash
photography and falls short of its promises. 

Overall, this is an amazing product if you are sure to use with a very light hand and its best to avoid this
powder on days when you are subjected to flash bulbs going off. Just be safe than sorry :)

Overall I love this powder and I will repurchase as I love the smooth non oily effect it gives to my skin.

Cost 1500-1700 Rs( it comes in that range) and available at MakeupForever Counters.

Do checkout her supa cool blog here and don't forget to stalk her!! 



  1. Thanks so much for the nice words. your blog is great.keep up the good work :)

  2. @Anju_thanks a bunch...& the words said about you,I didn't exaggerate,I swear!!

  3. great post Anju, I always love your posts <3

  4. @Rakshanda_Yep same here :) I love all her posts :D

  5. Great post Anju- You single handedly managed to dispel all myths I had about this HD powder

    Swarnali- Great blog, keep up the great work :)

  6. @indian beauty central_Thanx for the encouragement :)
    & yep Anju is at her best when she is at product review :D

  7. Great review. It surely helps. Will keep this in mind when I go make-up shopping. great blog.

  8. @Pratishta Durga_thanks for dropping and commenting :)
    & Thanks :)

  9. I adore Anju. :) She always has the scoop on all the best beauty products!

    Great guest post! I've never even heard of this stuff before!

  10. @Mitr Friend - Bhushavali_yeah they are scary!!
    @Jennifer_same here...I love Anju and her reviews...and since am not much into the whole make up thing ,this was the first time I came to know of its name!!

  11. i've had this powder as well, and it made my face look ashy. Great post!
    Following you
    Check out my blog :)


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