Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monsoon Holiday Destinations- A Guest Post from Surf Excel

Hello, beautiful people! Monsoon is nearly here, and we hope you all are just as eager to be signing in the rain as we are! We have here a guest post for you, from Surf Excel- with superb ideas for Monsoon 'staycations' (as they call it) with the family. We hope it will make your holidays all the more enjoyable!

Many people opt to leave the country when the rains arrive, choosing alternative destinations for their family holidays. But they may be missing out: India's countryside is transformed into a verdant paradise during the wet season; flowers bloom, mountains are cloaked in midst, and – best of all – you can escape the dry city heat. So if you can't manage a holiday abroad this year, there are plenty of options at home. And, with low-cost accommodation during the monsoons, you may get a lot more for your money. Here are some of the best places to take the kids this year.


The desert state may see its fair share of rain as the monsoon winds travel northwards, but here they generally only last an hour and will not characterise every day of your trip. Take the kids to the City Palace in Udaipur, floating serenely out on Lake Pichola; they will love the sunset boat trips. Older ones will enjoy the trek up to the soaring Kumbhalgarh Fort, known as the 'Cloud Palace' and built so the maharajas of the past could have the best views of the shifting monsoons. What's more, off-peak season could land you with a hilltop residence of your own at a fraction of the price; there are plenty of family-friendly hotels around Jaipur and the tiger sanctuary in Ranthambore National Park.


Goa is also a bargain destination at this time of year, but the rains only enhance the beauty of this west-coast region. Treat the kids to rare wildlife and rushing waterfalls in Mollem National Park, or try the smaller, easy-to-reach Bondla zoo and deer safari. The rains don't come in half measures in Goa, but this is all part of the fun. With monsoon celebrations like Sao-Joao Festival in June, you can watch the boat races in Siolim or embrace the rain and dance in the streets. Just make sure you take enough changes of clothes for everyone, so you can save the laundry for when you get home – Surf Excel has got some great laundry tips for the monsoon season!


Both child-friendly and appealing even in the wet weather, South India's Kerala makes for a great family holiday. Sunny intervals interrupt the rainfall up until October, although watch out for the Northeast Monsoon later in the year, which hits this part of the country harder. Periyar National Park stays open for most of the year and you can take a boat safari through the serene, wildlife-rich habitats. If the kids like this idea, they'll love the chance to stay the night on the houseboats that travel the famous backwaters of Kerala; with a wooden roof over your heads, you're free to enjoy the colourful scenery.

Quick breaks from the city

Since longer trips are not always advisable in monsoon weather, you might want to try a quick weekend break closer to home. Even Mumbai, which receives some of the worst floods during this time also has convenient access to Bhandardara, a hillside resort around 3-4 hours drive from the city which is peaceful enough to take the grandparents as well as the kids. If you're stuck in Delhi for monsoon, try nearby Damdama Lake, where there's a full programme of activities for little ones, from archery to woodland play parks, as well as idyllic cottage accommodation and ample space to set up a barbecue.

Of course, depending on where you live, it's difficult to escape the monsoon altogether, but if you're worried about child safety or the hassles of travel during the wet season, wait until the first rains have passed and take your holiday in August or September. Accommodation is usually cheaper overall, but some places are not always open so do check ahead once you've decided on a location. Though a 'staycation' is not always a first choice, it's also a chance to see the best rural India has to offer and embrace the beauty that the rains bring to our country.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and got some good ideas for your upcoming 'stay-cations'! For unique articles with cleaning tips, parenting tips and kids’ activities, please visit the Surf Excel website. :) 

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