Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Match Again!!

Yeah am back with my we mach series...this time with my lovely friend Debopriya :)
We both went out shopping some time back and ended up buying the same cloth pieces,I turned it into a Kurta and she turned hers into a a-line dress..and wore it together the same day...
I paired mine with my multi color wooden earrings(take a closer look here) and wooden bangles,she wore a multi color neck piece and multi color strapped flats  to match hers(too multi colored?? Yeah we both are mad about colors :D). Here is how we looked together-
                                      I wasn't ready for the click (was saying something to the photographer :P)

Take a closer look (at a better pic :D)

It was again a very funny day for the both of us,those stares and giggles :D
Did this ever happen to you?? You and your mate both wearing the same clothes?? Do tell me if you did.



  1. During my trip to Delhi me n my uncle's daughter ended up buying the same top:). But then we decided to wear it on 2 different days:)

  2. Love the way you've the turned the fabric into. Great outfits...
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  3. love the print of the colorful :)

  4. @Opal_you both should try wearing it together (only if you can manage the stares ;) )

    @Mitr_ Am glad you liked them :D

    @Sovina_ yeah the colors are what made me buy the fabric in the first place :)


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