Friday, October 21, 2011

We match series (I)

How does it feel when you walk down the street and you find somebody else looking like your replica (wearing the same clothes I mean) ??? Creepy aint it?? Yep thats  exactly what  I felt like when I saw this girl in the bus wearing exactly the same tee I was wearing..well thats the benefit when you buy clothes from departmental stores where they have tonnes & tonnes of the same stuff for sale. But its a hell lot of fun when that replica happens to be one of your closest mates...Take this one-

A random day,am in my Keats' class at college listening to a lecture and I just look across at the corridor next to the door & I see my best friend rushing towards the room...
( Introducing Drisha of my BLOGs, my bestie at college without whom I would have been long dead (of boredom) and buried. She is my daily dose of laughter,she has such an infectious laughter,you just can't escape it :D )
So back to the story... The sight of her brings a wideeeeeeeeeeeee grin on my face....Y?? well she is wearing exactly the same checked shirt that I am wearing!!! hahaha...what more...we are wearing denims of almost the same color & same old comfy floaters of ours!!! What gets more funny is the fact that every time a new lecturer enetrs ,the first thing she notices is we r wearing the same shirt...ta da!!  our dear Manjari ma'am says - "Why are you girls in uniform when the college has  none?? " Now what do i say?? ummm..."Ma'am it happens to be a pleasant coincidence" but the look on her face explains that she doesn't believe me!!! Nevermind, its hilarious when people (I mean everybody on road) stares at you both with a smile :D
& there is this cute li'l girl who comes up to us and asks- "tomra jomoj??" (that translates to "are you twins" ?? )
aww...that was so so cute & it feels awesome when somebody says you & your bestie seem to be twins :D

well now enough of my to the pic -
I agree thats a pathetic pic and I look absolutely disastrous...but its the only one I have... :(  but as you can see we are wearing the same shirt.

so thats all for today!!! Will come back with more next time.
Take care till then
Love you all


  1. this is such a cute post. U and ur bestie looks great together. Lovely shirts. Thanks so much for leaving a wonderful comment on my blog

  2. hey have u not activated the follower gadget in your blog. Am not able to find it

  3. @indianmakeupways_thank you so much for your precious comments and those lovely compliments,mean a lot to me. Check the top right corner,you'll see the GFC(Goggle Friend connect) just below the total page views gadget. Hope you find it :)


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