Saturday, October 8, 2011

mix n (don't) match

Back with another nail color know how obsessed I am about nail colors!! ;)
Some months back I had this newly found love for blue nail colors...I wanted nail colors in all shades of blue particularly this one below(which I couldn't find in any store & the search continues)-

My pal at college had this somewhat glittery turquoise blue(from Lakme) that I tried...loved the color....but wasn't is a pic that we took-
This pic is not a great one...but its evident that this is not the exact blue I was in search of...
Then one fine day I saw a new color launched by Avon-Matt Inky Blue...the color looked exactly ink blue in the brochure and since the actual colors happen to be one shade lighter than the color displayed, I thought "my search ends here!!"...unfortunately it didn't...I was really disappointed when the color bottle looked "pathetic" on my nails especially with the Matt what to do?? :(
This is how the color looked-

I had learnt from my previous experiences that unlike lipsticks(which I don't apply) , no nail color is ever wrong. You always have the option of mixing or teaming it up with another color and giving it a completely different look.
So the other day when two of my best pals came up with two new colors from Elle 18 nail color pops,I just thought of adding a dash of my Inky blue to them & viola...the result was superb (tell me what you think) take a look at the two combinations..
there are some other double combinations that I tried & many loved them...
Avon's Champagne Shimmer + Avon's Brown Bliss
Avon's Pretty Plum + Elle 18 no.1 nail pops
Any Glossy Black (I used Elle 18) + Shocking Pink
tell me what else you tried ....


  1. I really like the first nail color! :) ... sometimes I give a contrasting shade to one of my nails and let remaining 9 be in one color!

    ♡ from ©

  2. @Tanvi_yeah that is my favorite as well....I searched all stores I could manage but couldn't find the exact shade...ended up buying 2-3 other shades of blue :P
    and I do exactly the same at times to break the nail in contrast to the other 9...
    thanks for you comment,means a lot to me :)


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