Sunday, October 23, 2011


This happened some days back...getting bored at home doing nothing I just set off...where?? Nowhere specific ...just a random walk & city hopping...but I ended up buying a few sweet nothings from a roadside shop...
Here take a look at what I bought-
 I have recently developed a love for wooden jewelry,from earrings to neck pieces to bangles...I love them. Am a stud person,don't really like earrings dangling near my neck but the colors on this one made me buy it. Cost me 40 INR.

 As I said earlier I love wooden jewelry!! This one in bright orange (it looks yellowish to dull orange in the pic) can spice up any Indian outfit in not so bright colors.Cost me 50 INR

I spotted this one hanging at a shop & it was love at first sight...the pretty purple color of the beads are simply lovable. Here take a closer look- 

Cost me 35 INR.

Well being the impulsive buyer I am,I didn't give a thought to how I would add them to my outfit!! Do leave your suggestions on how to accessorize them and if you liked these or not.

<3 <3


  1. I have one in wooden/ brown color, similar to your orangish one. I loved your erarring:)

  2. @Opal _thanks :D You could do a post wid your neck pieces nw!!

  3. Loved your bead necklace...I love collectiong these simple stuff which make a huge difference to your outfit

  4. @Shrilata_tHanks :D yeah really,just a neck piece like that can make a very boring outfit look good :D


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