Friday, October 28, 2011

We match yet AGAIN!!!! and a li'l DIY

Another match post?? Yeah another one :P
This time not just two,this time its threesome!!
Debanjana, Jayeeta (college mates) and I wore the same tunic to class some days back.
With the Military green color,we looked like Army soldiers all ready to march...hehe.

No more words, straight to the pics,take a look :)

If you take a closer look,you can make out that Debanjana's (the one in the middle) is a li'l different from mine and Jayeeta's but it looks the same from a distance.

And I got inspired by Amie's Lace bow hair clip and tried out making one with ribbons(am wearing it in the pic above,but its not really visible there!!). Here is a closer look-

So what is your opinion of my li'l DIY experiment?? You can also make out your's. Here is the tutorial.
With exams knocking at the door,am going offline for around 2 months,catch you all after am done with the exam thing.
Bubbye till then
Love ya all

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Match Again!!

Yeah am back with my we mach series...this time with my lovely friend Debopriya :)
We both went out shopping some time back and ended up buying the same cloth pieces,I turned it into a Kurta and she turned hers into a a-line dress..and wore it together the same day...
I paired mine with my multi color wooden earrings(take a closer look here) and wooden bangles,she wore a multi color neck piece and multi color strapped flats  to match hers(too multi colored?? Yeah we both are mad about colors :D). Here is how we looked together-
                                      I wasn't ready for the click (was saying something to the photographer :P)

Take a closer look (at a better pic :D)

It was again a very funny day for the both of us,those stares and giggles :D
Did this ever happen to you?? You and your mate both wearing the same clothes?? Do tell me if you did.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 5 screen scenes

Call me a cinephile, a cineaste or a plain movie buff, I absolutely love watching movies. Good movies in any language (with the English subtitles ofcourse) interest me. Well, that doesn't mean I go to watch all new releases first day first show, I go only after reading the ratings (read haven't got the time or money to waste on every film). Watching films is my favorite hobby. A good movie is a great way to beat boredom or just relax at the end of a tiring day. So presenting my favorite 5 screen moments (or sequences)-

1. American Beauty
  I already mentioned this sequence in a previous post. There is this sequence when you see a polythene bag being carried away by the wind and swayed in all directions. The scene is the most beautiful one I have ever seen on screen,don't have words to describe how I felt.

2. Le Ballon rouge
  The English title is The Red Balloon. This French short film is one of the best short films I have seen in my life. A little trivia here, this movie won the Best writing,Best screenplay-Original award at the Academy awards,the only short film (as of 2007) to have won any award outside the short film category. The most astonishing part of it is the fact that the movie has hardly 5 dialogues !!
The last sequence where we see the little boy being carried away to the sky by all the balloons in Paris is enchanting. The simplicity with which of the entire film is presented is remarkable (despite its highly symbolic connotations).

3. Forrest Gump 
 The very opening scene of the film where we see Tom Hanks(as Forrest Gump) sitting on a bench, a feather comes flying and he repeats the lines said by his mother - ' My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." ' . The sheer innocence of the scene takes my heart away and Tom Hanks,he is just perfect,absolutely perfect.

4. Rang- e- Khoda
 The English title of this Persian wonder by Majid Majidi is The Color of Paradise . There is a sequence in the film when the blind Mohammad,after being dejected by his father says to his blind carpenter-mentor- ' Our teacher says that God loves the blind more because they can't see. But I told him if it was so, He would not make us blind so that we can't see Him. He answered "God is not visible. He is everywhere. You can feel Him. You see Him through your fingertips." / Now I reach out everywhere for God till the day my hands touch Him and tell Him everything, even all the secrets in my heart. ' The scene made me cry like a baby, I know not why, the innocence (yeah innocence again!) of the child's question is so touching that it makes you weep. 

5. Amelie
This is my favorite movie (its in French ). The scene where the naughty Amelie goes out in search of love,where she makes the guy with the suitcase go for a treasure hunt for his lost suitcase of pictures (more so for the girl who has it with her ). The part is hilarious when he finds the suitcase cleverly placed at a spot from where he can't even see her face :P.

So these are my favorite screen scenes,what are yours? Have you seen any of these that I have mentioned? Do let me know.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


This happened some days back...getting bored at home doing nothing I just set off...where?? Nowhere specific ...just a random walk & city hopping...but I ended up buying a few sweet nothings from a roadside shop...
Here take a look at what I bought-
 I have recently developed a love for wooden jewelry,from earrings to neck pieces to bangles...I love them. Am a stud person,don't really like earrings dangling near my neck but the colors on this one made me buy it. Cost me 40 INR.

 As I said earlier I love wooden jewelry!! This one in bright orange (it looks yellowish to dull orange in the pic) can spice up any Indian outfit in not so bright colors.Cost me 50 INR

I spotted this one hanging at a shop & it was love at first sight...the pretty purple color of the beads are simply lovable. Here take a closer look- 

Cost me 35 INR.

Well being the impulsive buyer I am,I didn't give a thought to how I would add them to my outfit!! Do leave your suggestions on how to accessorize them and if you liked these or not.

<3 <3

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Handwriting Tag

Having nothing to do and thinking of what to post next,I decide to go through some of my favorite blogs and came across this interesting tag here  and just thought of tagging myself :P

So here's it-

                                   sorry for the bad quality of the pic,it was taken using my phone cam.

1. What is your name? And your blog?
2. What's your blog URL?
3.Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote.
5. Favorite song.
6. Favorite band/singer.
7. Say anything you want.
8. Pass this along to a few other bloggers

Am tagging-

2. Lazygulrox of mY F@Sh!nk wOrLd
3. BeingFab of Shocks and Shoes
5. Drisha of my BLOGs
6. Shooting Star of My UnFinished Life

Friday, October 21, 2011

We match series (I)

How does it feel when you walk down the street and you find somebody else looking like your replica (wearing the same clothes I mean) ??? Creepy aint it?? Yep thats  exactly what  I felt like when I saw this girl in the bus wearing exactly the same tee I was wearing..well thats the benefit when you buy clothes from departmental stores where they have tonnes & tonnes of the same stuff for sale. But its a hell lot of fun when that replica happens to be one of your closest mates...Take this one-

A random day,am in my Keats' class at college listening to a lecture and I just look across at the corridor next to the door & I see my best friend rushing towards the room...
( Introducing Drisha of my BLOGs, my bestie at college without whom I would have been long dead (of boredom) and buried. She is my daily dose of laughter,she has such an infectious laughter,you just can't escape it :D )
So back to the story... The sight of her brings a wideeeeeeeeeeeee grin on my face....Y?? well she is wearing exactly the same checked shirt that I am wearing!!! hahaha...what more...we are wearing denims of almost the same color & same old comfy floaters of ours!!! What gets more funny is the fact that every time a new lecturer enetrs ,the first thing she notices is we r wearing the same shirt...ta da!!  our dear Manjari ma'am says - "Why are you girls in uniform when the college has  none?? " Now what do i say?? ummm..."Ma'am it happens to be a pleasant coincidence" but the look on her face explains that she doesn't believe me!!! Nevermind, its hilarious when people (I mean everybody on road) stares at you both with a smile :D
& there is this cute li'l girl who comes up to us and asks- "tomra jomoj??" (that translates to "are you twins" ?? )
aww...that was so so cute & it feels awesome when somebody says you & your bestie seem to be twins :D

well now enough of my to the pic -
I agree thats a pathetic pic and I look absolutely disastrous...but its the only one I have... :(  but as you can see we are wearing the same shirt.

so thats all for today!!! Will come back with more next time.
Take care till then
Love you all

Thursday, October 20, 2011


There are sooooooo many things that I intend to buy and do but somehow  shortage of money,time etc etc come forth as obstacles. Never mind, I have decided to make a list (a quite long one) which I want to buy and complete slow & steady. Here goes what all I aim to purchase and achieve-

1) Read Robin Cook's "Coma" , "Fever" and "Mutation"
   Am a big big fan of Robin Cook (or maybe biological thrillers :P,am not sure which ) and am dying to read these three books,heard they are his best. Any other Cook fan there?? Suggestions are welcome :D

2) Read Jean Sasson's "Rape of Kuwait" , "Desert Royale" and "Growing up Bin Laden"
   Read her "Princess" and "Daughters of Arabia" and have grown in love with her works since and now want to read all her other works. She's simply AWESOME ! Do give her a read.

3) Buy a Purple Amethyst in Silver pendant that I saw at a local jewelers. Looks somewhat like this-
                                                              image courtesy:

4) Buy a tribal necklace(for mum) that I saw at a roadside shop some days back. Looks exactly the same but the one I saw was with a gold finish -
                                                                             image courtesy:

5) Buy a pretty mustard yellow tiffani dress I saw at a local shop's window during a walk. The one I saw looks somewhat like this(sans the belt)-

                                                                        image courtesy:
6) Buy a pair of gladiators I spotted at Bata (and fell in love with them in an instant). This one is not coming soon as mum has refused to buy me any more shoes,so I'll have to save from pocket money to get this one...  :( Take a look-

                                                                              image courtesy :

7) Buy a Red Skinny. Infact I want them in all colors-red,green,yellow...brighter, the better!! Well this is a distant dream as I'll have to shed some stones to sport this one.. :(

                                                   image courtesy :

8) A pair of red denim shorts / hot pants (this one is for sis). Wondering if red is my favorite color..nope...its blue...but am a li'l bored with blue these days and red is the new blue for me now.. :P
                                                   image courtesy :

9) Buy a basic Black n white striped tee / tank top. Saw a pic in a mag with a model sporting a Black n white tee with white capri pants and she looked "wow"... :P Something like this will be perfect,but the sad part is I did happen to see some at a few stores but didn't happen to like them,search for the perfect one continues :(

                                                                                image courtesy :

10) Buy a bottle of the perfect royal blue nail color. Yeah I did mention this one before!! This should have been my no.1 wish item,its the color I have been looking for months now & couldn't find anywhere :'(

                                                                          image courtesy :

So that completes my wishlist,what are the things you've been wanting to buy or do for sometime?? I would love to know/hear from you...
Sayonara :D
love u all..
Swarnali <3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thou art beautiful

Somedays back we had this long long discussion or rather sort of an argument in our class regarding the whole idea of "beauty" while reading Keats. Remember his most famous line from "Ode on a Grecian Urn"-
Beauty is truth,truth beauty 
Honestly I never understood what it precisely meant,but this line has always puzzled,fascinated and mystified me. Does it mean beauty lies in the truth in everything and anything true to itself is beautiful?? I know not but that is what I choose to believe. I would love if anybody could help me find a different explanation to this line.

What is it that makes something or rather someone beautiful?? Does having a fair complexion or a good figure or a pretty face makes you beautiful?? Well this might be the definition of beauty to many but not for me. I believe beauty is what you are inside. Your outside is not what you chose to be,you were born that way but its your choices and the honesty of your soul that makes you beautiful.

Reminds me of these lines said by Helen Keller-
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart ” 
I couldn't agree more!! Beauty goes beyond sight or rather anything sensory,its always what your heart feels or perceives it,that makes it beautiful.  Beauty definitely lies in the eyes of the beholder,it is not a concept or a concrete thing, its what you want it to be that makes it beautiful to you. A beautiful mind can always find beauty around itself,be it a bunch of flowers that all find beautiful or in a garbage heap which most would find distasteful, it all depends on what and how you choose to look at things.

Do you remember that scene from the movie "American Beauty" where there is this video in which a polythene bag is swayed and tossed from side to side??? I don't know if anybody noticed or found anything good about that part but it happens to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life (on screen). It defies the age old idea of beauty , but the question is who is it who decides what is beautiful and whats not??

This is for all those lovely people who don't find themselves beautiful just because nobody ever told them they are good looking - accept and love yourselves because at the end of the day,its only you who can truly love yourself inspite of all your faults,others love you for what you portray yourself as!!

On an ending note here are the lines from Selena Gomez's song "Who Says" that I heard sometime back and instantly loved the lyrics-
"I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me"...

Goodbye till next..

Loads of Love

P.S-this post was inspired by this post by Lazygulrox....sorry darling I forgot to tag you here earlier.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

open tag :D

Happened to see this open tagged questions at Tanvi's of The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous and couldn't resist posting this :P
So here we go-
1)What was your favorite back to school item to buy?
   I was crazy (and still am) about pens...I just can't get enough of them...and  cute pencils..I loved sparkle pens <3

2)What was your favorite subject in school?
   There were so many of them and I liked almost all of them!! Top 3 favorites would be Genetics, English, Maths.

3)Did you ride the bus or get a ride from Mom/Carpool?
   I changed school thrice. The first one was around 5 km away,so took the school bus. Other two were really   close,just 5 minutes by walk,so I walked to school with my kid sis.

4)Did you have a sack lunch or cafeteria food?
  Mum always packed food for us,but we did eat from the cafeteria occasionally.

5)What is your favorite memory from your schooldays?
   There are so many memories that I just can't think of  a single one right now. I distinctly remember my Farewell but thats not my favorite.

I follow Tanvi's example and keep this open,anyone can tag themselves .. :D
Bubbye till next :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Post Puja

 Its just 4 days past Durga Puja & my wait for the next puja begins.... Well one good part is Diwali is yet to come... :D

So as I had promised that I would come back with some puja snaps...
 The puja in Kolkata is celebrated with diffrent themes varying from real places like Kashmir and Sanchi to imaginary lands like Hogwarts oand the Garden of Eden,Unique styles of Decorating ranging from Jute,Used bottles,CDs,Bamboo,small mirrors,cane baskets etc etc. The idol of the Goddess in these pandals (tents where the idols are worshiped during the Puja) often are modeled according to their respective themes. Take a look how the Goddess looked at different pandals-

Now lets have a look how the pandals looked like from outside-
                                                A trip to the beautiful valleys of Kashmir.

                                                                    Lets go to Space :D

                                        This pandal was made and decorated with colored bamboos.

                          This was based on France's Louvre Museum,you can see the glass pyramid in front.

         The highest Durga pratima (idol) this year in Kolkata, this one measured a huge 14.5 mtrs!!

                              Pandal modeled on the Buddhist Stupa of  Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh

 This pandal was modeled based on a temple in Bishnupur (a place in Bengal,the puja there is as old as  1013 yrs!!)
                                           This one was made out of flutes and hand cymbals !!

                          Used circuit items and motherboards were used to make these robots!!

 This artificial tree at a pandal was modeled out of synthetic ropes for the trunk and slightly inflated surgical gloves painted green and yellow for the leaves.

                                      This was made entirely from whiskey,wine and beer bottles.

                                                                       Entrance to Eden

                                                                 The Garden Of Eden

                                                Land of Fairies & Butterflies for the tiny tots

                                                This one was made entirely from tiny bits of mirrors.

This one was based on Kashmir(a state in India)

The puja is not just about pandal hopping,its also about new clothes,pre puja shopping and wonderful food...
That is all for now...bubbye till next ....have a great day ahead :)
& Subho Bijoya to all  :D

Saturday, October 8, 2011

mix n (don't) match

Back with another nail color know how obsessed I am about nail colors!! ;)
Some months back I had this newly found love for blue nail colors...I wanted nail colors in all shades of blue particularly this one below(which I couldn't find in any store & the search continues)-

My pal at college had this somewhat glittery turquoise blue(from Lakme) that I tried...loved the color....but wasn't is a pic that we took-
This pic is not a great one...but its evident that this is not the exact blue I was in search of...
Then one fine day I saw a new color launched by Avon-Matt Inky Blue...the color looked exactly ink blue in the brochure and since the actual colors happen to be one shade lighter than the color displayed, I thought "my search ends here!!"...unfortunately it didn't...I was really disappointed when the color bottle looked "pathetic" on my nails especially with the Matt what to do?? :(
This is how the color looked-

I had learnt from my previous experiences that unlike lipsticks(which I don't apply) , no nail color is ever wrong. You always have the option of mixing or teaming it up with another color and giving it a completely different look.
So the other day when two of my best pals came up with two new colors from Elle 18 nail color pops,I just thought of adding a dash of my Inky blue to them & viola...the result was superb (tell me what you think) take a look at the two combinations..
there are some other double combinations that I tried & many loved them...
Avon's Champagne Shimmer + Avon's Brown Bliss
Avon's Pretty Plum + Elle 18 no.1 nail pops
Any Glossy Black (I used Elle 18) + Shocking Pink
tell me what else you tried ....