Friday, June 29, 2012

Guest 12 - Welcome Zeebz

Hellow everyone,

Our guest for the day is the lovely Zeebz who writes at The Daily Ramblings of an Eccentric. She is an amazing person with a totally whacky sense of humour. Her posts are not just funny, they are hysterical. She is a new friend and I don't know much about her. So I let her introduce herself (she does it better than I could have done :P). Lets hear what she has to say about herself ;)

"I'm Zeebs. I work, study, procrastinate, and live. Miraculously- all at once. When my earphones get tangled, I try to untangle them by just shaking it. That is the extent of my problem-solving skills. I'm from New Zealand, and my interests are too vast to name (what am I not interested in? Pineapples). I'm pretty much interested in everything I'm not supposed to be interested in. But to name a few- it involves a man named Charles Bukowski, intoxicating-flammable-liquids, and a Brite piano. The reason I say "brite" because there are different types of ones, each with a particular sound. Also, I thrive on music, philandering, and being a nuisance. I have a pet turtle and a pet dog- the only two constant men in my life apart from the man who contributed sperm to my existence. My current interest resides in a mountain called Angel Falls, that happens to be in Venezuela. Yes, I will be climbing it by hook or crook."

Am sure you have a fair idea now how zany our guest for today is :D :D Lets go for the actual post now-


It is an art all of us, but the unrelenting busy bodies of the world, have mastered by our high school years. A time at which we discover how truly productive it is to be unproductive. Arduous assignments, preparation for exams- all fade into the background as we find far more stimulating outlets for our time. A popular favorite is watching tv, which somehow is always fascinating despite the fact that there is nothing on but badly scripted reality shows and commercials that last longer than the programs. And then of course Facebook practically robs me of a couple hours each night, which I spend scrolling through my news feed at least a dozen times rereading the same statuses and wall posts over and over again (I really don't have a life...don't judge me). On nights that I'm feeling particularly useless to society, as well as completely unconcerned by how many hours of sleep I get that night, I will frequent Youtube and watch several unamusing videos only to find one that I actually laughed at (where do people find all the good youtube videos?).

Then there's the more creative procrastinators who will make several rounds through their house, raking their kitchen to find anything to distract them from studying (a plausible explanation for obesity in America if you ask me). My personal favorite, however, is using a kind of reward system while doing homework:

*Internal Dialogue*
Good job writing the title page! go get a cookie.
You deserve it.
Wow a whole sentence?!
Don't push yourself too hard now...
How about you take a break and play a couple games of solitaire?

Clearly, with the amount of effort I put into procrastination it's a miracle that I'm not failing out of university (or am I?). But it gets me thinking, maybe it's the rebels in all of us (and by us, I mean me) that tell us to "stick it to the Man" and refuse to do the pointless busywork that is asked of us (or maybe its just laziness). University/School pushes us to become productive members of society. Initially we resist, instead turning to several unapproved activities to fill the time between school and sleep. We then spend a few hours each night reveling in our anarchistic ways, only to later surrender our obstinate laziness in order to finally meet society's expectations at three in the morning.

(Yeah, we're all sell outs).

I almost knocked my head off my shoulders nodding it all time reading this one as I was posting it here!! I do that all the time, procrastinate again and again!! 
What are you all waiting for? Stop procrastinating now and go check her awesome blog.
Thanks a million Zeebz for hopping in for the Guest Bloggers' month :)

Till our next guest arrives!!


  1. This was a very pleasant read!! I love people who have a great sense of humor!! Laughter is the best medicine there is!!

    1. I completely agree to that, Crystal!! Nothing better than laughter!!

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  3. Superb sense of humour... I must say I was smiling all the way nodding my head :)


    You have a lovely blog out there!


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