Sunday, June 17, 2012

Guest 9 - Lazygul Rashmi is here!!

Hola world!!

I have my bloggy BFF today as our guest blogger. Rashmi from mY F@Sh!nK wOrLd has happily agreed to be my ninth guest here. Rashmi was one of my first followers and active supporters when I started out with blogging. She was always there to help me out whenever I needed help. Fashion enthusiast and a fashion designer in the making, I have never known somebody who has been more dedicated to her childhood dreams. She has the most infectious and brightest smile in the whole wide world and you can't help but smile back.
Lets get to what she has to say to us-

Hello everyone, this is my first guest post ever. I doing it for my dear friend Swarnali and her guest post month.


Today's post is all about the essential items you don't want to be without while stepping out. Kind of a must have if you don't want to be Plain Jane. 

These are all time essentials which can be changed with the requirement of the season and how your skin reacts to the changes of the season. Your skin is your temple. It reacts and tells you which product is good for you and which isn't. The items are as follows-

1. Sunscreens and Moisturisers

I cannot stress on the importance of a sunscreen. I am writing them together because now there are so many Moisturisers which come with an SPF. Choose the SPF content as per the requirement of your skin. Too much SPF does not mean more protection, it might burn your skin if it's sensitive. In moisturisers, if your skin is dry, you can go for a cream based moisturiser or if it is oily you can go for water based moisturiser. And do remember to re-apply your sunscreen every 4 hours.

Moisturising your feet is also very important. It helps keep them soft and moist, eases the pain of a new footwear, even if your are not regular with heels.

2. Hair products

This product is a must if you have a frizzy hair like me. You can use a hair spray or serum before combing your hair. Hair serum should also be applied after you have had a head bath, so that you have a tangle free hair.


Eyes are your assets. Want them to pop out? Use a Kohl. Try to get a smudge free kohl so that it doesn't spread in any season. If your eyes are sensitive towards it, herbal options are available in the market.

My Tip- If your kohl gets smudged too much, you can try applying a line of face powder under your waterline or add a coat of mascara on your lower lash line to avoid the spilling.

4. Lip balm and lip care
You need not wear lipstick for everyday work. But Lip care is must. It keeps your lips moist and soft. A trick- apply lip care atleast 15 minutes before applying lipstick or till it is about to dry and then apply your lipstick to get a smooth texture.

5. Deodorant

Nobody wishes to be the stinky pig of the crowd. Deodorants are amazing and refreshing way to remain stink-free. Now so many varieties like whitening deo, natural deo, etc. are available. You can choose as per your like and needs.

Hope you like this post. I had an amazing time writing this post for you all. Enjoy!! :)

Thank you Rashu, for doing a post for me despite your very busy schedule. Wishing you all the very best for the new things in your life. :)

Till the nest guest drops in


  1. It was an amazing experience to write my first guest post!! Thanks for giving me such an awesome opportunity!! I had a wonderful time!! :) :*

    1. It was lovely to have you as a guest sweetheart :D mwah :*

  2. Nice post!! Basic stuff, but often things that many people forget...especially the deodorant part ;-))

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Am so glad you liked the post :) Yeah deo is something which should be made a must ;)

  3. Interesting read - specially for me as I am horrible when it comes to such nitty gritties about kohl smudging and all :)

  4. I agree--lip balms and moisturizers for sure!


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