Friday, June 8, 2012

Guest 6- MSM is here!!

Hello !!

I've been wanting to do something different for a I decided to take a month's break from blogging :P (ah thats refreshingly different!! :P)
But you see, I can't let my blog remain post-less for that long and so I came up with this idea of having a guest bloggers month (ask me how to make people work for you,and I have a million ideas :D :D)
And I got some blogger and non blogger buddies to write posts for me. And they agreed to join in the ride!! I have such lovely friends!! :D
So, I'll be posting only guest posts all this month (except for maybe some occasional book reviews that I have in my hands). And if any of you reading this wants to join in, I'll be more than glad to have you here. You can do a post on ANYTHING. No restrictions!! You have to just mail your desired post to me (and a pic of yours,if thats not too much trouble. You can omit the pic if you want, its optional) at and I'll post it under your name here.

So today's guest isssssssssssssssssss
The supah awesome Pradeeta Mishra, better known in blogger world as the the Queen of the Dark and the Mysterious, MSM!! She needs no introduction, so am not doing any (the truth is I am at a loss of words when it comes to describing her). Meeting her was the most pleasant accident of my life!! We came into contact from and we gelled in an instant :D She is literally my bloggy sis, always there with the best solutions and the sweetest things to say to cheer me up when am down. Drop dead gorgeous would be an understatement to describe her. She has the best of everything a girl would want, a beauty both outside and inside. And that doesn't end there, she is an excellent writer - a born story a big time fan of her images.
Ok that is a lot from me,lets see what she has got for us-

Diiii……see see what I got for you! Magic!!!” Her little brother squealed around her, as she sat coloring her drawing book. His voice made her feel irritated.
What?” She pushed him away with her left hand making the tiny little kid fall back on his bum.
I got this for you… *sniff*” He held a rose half hidden in his sleeve. Her heart squeezed for a second then she saw their mother quietly watching them. She started coloring her drawing book again and said, “I don’t want it. I hate roses. Now go!” She screeched with the full capacity of a child of 6 years could. Her tiny kid brother was 4.
But Di…” He said. The rose stem now wilted because of the rough handling of tiny hands.
“I DON’T WANT IT!” She got up suddenly, scattering all her colors on the floor and breaking the tip of her pencil. She looked at her mother who didn’t react a bit and went back into the kitchen, while her little brother had turned a shade of red with tears hanging from his lashes. She felt angry, really angry but took the rose.
Fine! Now stop bothering me.” She said patting him on his cheek a little to hard and making a run for the swing in her balcony. Little annoying git. She thought, as she went back and forth, back and forth on the swing, with the rose dangling like a dead skeleton from her hands. Why does everyone love him so much because of the accident? Why can’t they love me? She throws the rose off the balcony.
Silence. Lights. Too bright. Ugh! She opened her eyes to her room with all the lights on and no one around her. Oh God! Where was everyone?! Every single light of her house was ON and the main door was open. Where had everyone disappeared? She remembered that her Grandpa was about to arrive late in the night at around 1 AM and it was 2:50 AM. No one was there! Her first impulse was to cry and she cried in fear. When no one came, she sat down on the swing, holding a pack of toffees which she found on the table and a bag – her Grandpa had arrived after all. But where was everyone? She dozed off on the swing.
Beta, get up beta, we have to go to the hospital.” She heard her Grandpa’s voice and felt someone lifting her up. She resisted opening her eyes and tried to sleep again in her Daadu’s arms.
Nooo, I don’t want to go to hospital. You all are bad. You all always leave me alone like this.” She says, unshed tears from last night tumbling over her cheeks.
You have to get ready. Come, I will get you ice cream. Don’t you want to see Bhai?” Her Grandpa said. Bhai? What happened to him? Her heartbeat was racing as she became contrite the very instant her brother was mentioned. Was he okay? Had she hit him hard? She was quiet all the way to the hospital as her Grandpa got chocolates and fruits for her brother. They entered the room where she saw her tiny brother sitting on her mother’s lap, with an IV stuck to his right wrist. She looked at her mother. Her mother looked tired and sad. So sad.
Bhai ko kya hua?” She asked. (Trans.: What happened to Bhai?)
Same thing. Again. Sorry Babu, we had to rush to the hospital or God knows what would have happened.” Her mother beckoned her and hugged her as her brother squealed happily at the Dairy Milk chocolate Grandpa gave him. Dad walked in and picked her up in his arms.
Okay Beta?” He asked her.
Noo, my ear hurts.” She said, though it wasn’t true.
Awww, okay, let me buy you an ice cream then.” He said as she grinned at her brother, waved goodbye and walked out happily.
Magic! Now my ear doesn’t hurt Papa.” She said happily as she licked the orange candy.

QUICK QUICK QUICK!! His pulse is sinking! Do something! Take that little girl out of here! NOW!
Her brother, something was seriously wrong with him. She was 8 now and he was 6. She heard a Doctor say something about an errant clot resulting from the accident. An accident they had not anticipated two years back. Oh God! Was her brother dying? She ran inside, the tiny girl, past the nurses to take a look at her brother. Was God punishing her brother? Shouldn’t he punish her for she had been so bad to him. Always. It didn’t matter if Maa Papa loved him more. He was sick. Unwell, because of the accident. She promised to God she would understand. She wanted to see her brother. Her Mother was somewhere and her Father was with the Doctors. No one had time to pay attention to her. She ran into the room.
Bhai? Bhai? See Magic!! Di is here! I am here. Bol Naa…Say something.” She screamed at the pale limp body on the bed as the nurses picked her up and ushered her outside.
Is my brother dying?” She asked the nurse.
Beta, I will ask Uncle to drop you home. Your Bhai will be okay, don’t worry.” She pushed her away to someone’s arms. She reached home. For four days, she saw people rushing around her. There was no magic. Her Brother was Magic.
18 Years Later.
Di….?” She opened the door to her house to find him waiting outside, with a bag and something on his shoulders.
Bhai??? OH GOD!!” She ran into his arms. The world had come to know, that she had learnt to love her brother….for the hatred was not for him, but for the times, when she wouldn’t be loved or paid attention to, cause of his health. She had grown up and had come to realize on various occasions, that whenever she felt lonely or insecure, he would understand. He would listen to her, hug her and let her cry. She was insecure and it was a tough disease to cure. But he, he always managed to make her smile.
Arre, why are you crying? See, I got something for you.” He hugged her as she tried to stifle the goofy grin.
What?? I just missed you! What have you got??” She asked peering around his shoulder.
Tadaaaa! Magic!! See?” He held a guitar in his hands. He bought her one, from his first salary.
Yep. The Magic is alive – in love.

Helllow and Blessed Be Everyone! How are you doing? I am really very thankful to Swarnali, for letting me dent her Blog, with my random, non-stop chatter. And Now I am looping you all in too. :D Ever had a situation where it takes a leap of faith to do something? I’m sure you’d have. Haven’t you thought in that moment, I know I have to do this. What could be worse? I’m already in the dumps. And then when you look back, you see that you’ve earned a card up your sleeve. Ah, heavy stuff. :D
People know me as someone all about magic, mystery and myths. But life isn’t a Book of Shadows. It’s like Human Brain – not yet completely understood and unraveled. I explore and observe and have seen wonders unexplainable. People coming back from dead with mere will power, people living in the worst situations imaginable – miraculously earning a life of dreams, broken relations healing…. Isn’t it Magic? Of Human Mind? Of our endurance? I believe it is. Watching the moon in the night sky is Magic. Getting soaked in the rain is Magic. Having that last piece of ice cream is Magic. Watching the World cheer for you is Magic. It is after all in the moments you live and love. And therefore, you are Magic and so am I. I hope to see you on the other side. Will you accompany me?

So how did you like the story?? I loved it. I cried for a long time when I read it first, touched a chord somewhere.
If you haven't read her blog, you are really missing something. Head over to her blog this instant!!

Till the next guest arrives!!


  1. Such a heart touching story...

    1. She is awesome isn't she?? And I know how much you can connect to it :)

    2. @Opal: Thank you :) :)

      @Swarnali: Awwww.... So much praise :D :D Love you! :D

  2. OMG!! this is something that only and only MSM can do..!! <3
    Its one of the *BEAUTIFUL* stories I'v ever read...!

    1. She is seriously awesome, aint she??? :D :D :D

    2. @Aditi: :')Senti kar ditta! :D Comeon! You guys are pretty brilliant yourselves!! :D :D But thank you hai ji :D :D

  3. What a lovely story. :) I'm so glad you won't be completely leaving us for a month! I think it is a very nice idea to have guests posts. I love meeting new bloggers!

    I hope you enjoy your time off! xoxo

    1. Thanks Jen :D Yeah I desperately need a break from blogging for sometime. I'll be back by next month :)

    2. @Jennifer: Thank you!! :) :)

      @Swarnali: You have given me something to smile about, like always. :D

    3. @MSM_ ya more :D

  4. i came here from mishti's..oops..MSM's always she has done it beautifully :):):)
    i like your name swarnali.. :)
    random u sing? ^_^

    oh oh oh..and the header of your has an old world charm to it..
    cheers! :)

    1. Hey Aditi!!
      Thanks for dropping in :D Yeah she told me you call her mishti :D
      Thanks a bunch but sad as it is I don't seem to like my name :( Nah I don't sing, how I wish I could.
      The header pic is taken by a frnd of mine,am so glad you liked it. Yeah, it does have that old world Kolkata charm to it, doesn't it?? :D

    2. aaan..kolkata..yes..thought so..:)
      ooo..u don like..tehehe...even i dont like my name :D:D:D
      HI 5
      khi khi khi


    3. HI5
      I love your name btw...Aditi is short and sweet :D and I have a similar love for kittens :D

  5. Beautiful story; ended too soon though. :)

    1. Yeah, I agree to that. I wish there was more to the story. Thanks for dropping in :)


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