Monday, May 7, 2012


Hellow everyone,
How have you all been?
Yes,am back,back after almost a  month. So what have I been doing all these days?

1) Most importantly,giving my exams. Thank God its over!! I will be a graduate in a few days..

But wait... the next one is coming soon....the admissions... Gah!! :'(

2) Scribbling things like the last two posts,experimenting certain things,watching seasons of House M.D. and Sherlock. Wondering when part 2 of Season 7 of Bones is coming. Dr.Tempe,I am so missing you. Come back soon!! Btw House and Sherlock are pretty addictive too!! I so love Greg house!!!

3) Watching a few German and Iranian films. Can't get enough of them it seems.

4) Giving a farewell to our very beloved Kumkum ma'am...yeah am a pass out from college but I don't seem to get over the place. It has given me everything in 3 years that my entire existence didn't. Kumkum ma'am is the best we had in our department. She was always this serene mom figure who was strict yet caring,crazy yet adorable. You just can't get enough of loving her. The place would collapse without her. Am just glad I don't stay to see the day,even though tears come when I imagine leaving Bethune. :'(
Here are a few pictures.

Thats our very dear K.C. Ma'am...<3 <3
and there...she dances!!
we gave her a personalised coffee mug among other things.

and here is us!!
weird smile :\ I was thinking something was funny with Abira's (she is taking the pic) necklace :P

5) Getting my own farewell. Yes 2 farewells in 3 days! pics-
The Vidyasagar building is the oldest part of our college. We were a part of this building for the last 3 years.

A glimpse of the main building from the garden.

This is how Bethune looks from the front. I so love the old world charm this place exudes.

That is a part of Bethune school.

Thats us.
L-R- Soumi, Drisha, Me and Debopriya. Dress code was Black+White/Black/White (yes I did not conform completely to the code ;) :D)

Am kind of having mixed emotions, the joy of finishing the grad phase and then the pain of leaving home(yes Bethune was home to me).

Am now listening to Rihanna's "where have you been" she is talented...I love the lyrics.. :) <3

Do you have any special memories of your college? Tell me.


  1. Aaaah, college and memories... We all find it so painful to leave.... I understand. And KC Ma'am just seems like the perfect teacher. :D :D

    1. She is the epitome of me. yeah the wonderful memories that cannot be let go og.

  2. Aww... lovely pics :-) They take me back to my college farewell days! The personalized gift mug seems like a really sweet gift :-)

  3. That was a really touching post - needless to say took me back in time. Must compliment you - a really thoughtful gift for a wonderful teacher!

    1. Thanks sweety,you have a way with giving the most lovely compliments,i must say :D


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