Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tea at Mrs. Magpie

Hello People,

It has been a very long time since I did a real post (as in a proper post apart from regular reviews, sponsored and contest stuff)  here on the blog. So, I decided to do something I haven't done here before; a restaurant review.

If you live in Kolkata, then you must make sure you visit this beautiful quaint little place near Golpark / Vivekanada Park. It is a little difficult to spot as it is almost in the middle of nowhere, in the ground floor of an apartment. I went there the first time with Shayoni from Sweetandbitterblog and we almost did not spot this when we went to search for it. The moment you enter the place, you feel like you have stepped into fairy land. The pretty floral wallpapers, cute edible decor (which of course you are just permitted to look and not eat  ), delightful elfish furniture and adorable crockery at this place always manages to turn me into a crazy and hyper-excited 5 year old. 

Take a look-

The large cupcakes

Royal Enfield Cake :D

Gangnam style inspired cake

Marzipan House and Car

How cute is this shoe house, reminded me of that tale about the dame who lived in one :D

School bus =)

This merry-go-round shaped cake actually moves and a jingle plays when it does. How cool is that ?

Teddy bear cookies
What I loved at this place and my recommendations-

1) I am totally addicted to Earl Grey and I drank that whole teapot full of tea , all by myself  . Brownie points for the complimentary teddy bear shaped cookie that comes with every cup you order. 

2) The cupcakes are the cutest things ever and are freshly baked (the entire place smells of baked goodies). I personally didn't like the taste but most of my friends love them. So, you should give them a try before deciding if you like them or not.

3) The hot chocolate tastes perfect, not too sweet, not too bitter. Tastes almost like molten Cadbury silk and Bournville mixed together. HEAVEN!! 

4) The chicken and cheddar puff and scones almost melt in your mouth, super soft , very different from the regular puff pastries they sell you everywhere. 

5) The chocolate ice cream was okayish (as in nothing different from regular ice creams) but the apple sorbet tasted great, very refreshing and light on your palate.

6) Really sweet staff. I asked them the brand of tea they use and they handed me over the entire packet so that I could check all details I wanted. Also the glass tumblers they provide water in look adorable.

Have you visited the place? If you did, do let me know what stuff you tried and liked there.


  1. We just HAVE to go to Mrs Magpie!! :) Amazing review, Swarnali <3
    Keep up the good work ^_^

    1. We so have to go there again :D Thanks a bunch, Aniesha <3

  2. Wow, you had me drooling by the end of the post!! I really want that hot chocolate now!!

    1. Haha...come over to Kolkata, will take you there for the hot chocolate. :D

  3. While the food stuff looks great, I was not quite smitten by the decor. It was too 'pink' for my taste. :)

    A nice review though. :)

    1. Hello there!! Welcome to Drams and Drama :) I am not a big fan of pink either but the place made me feel like I went down the rabbit hole and crashed into wonderland. :D
      Thanks a bunch :)

  4. Wow...this place looks like a true cupcake lovers fantasy....I am in love with the fondant icing...and after seeing the gangnam style cake i wish to make one!!! the name is apt for the place!!


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