Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Website Review - Cashkaro.com

E-retailing has transformed the entire shopping experience for shopaholics. With everything from food, clothing, decor, and almost every other daily essential being available online, people have switched to the more convenient mode of shopping. All you do is find your product, pay using your card or order COD and get it directly delivered to you in no time. Does anything get better than this? Yes, it does. Previously, you saved money (on gas), time (for travelling to the retail shop) and energy (strolling around trying to find what you need at the supermarket). And now, with the introduction of coupons websites and sites for price comparison for each product, not only can you find the best product for the cheapest but also get fabulous discounts (over the already discounted price on the website) through coupons throughout the year.

What exactly is Cashkaro.com and how is it different from any other coupon website?

Cashkaro.com is India's pioneering cashback and coupons site.What makes them different from any other coupons site is that they not only list great coupons on various websites but also provide cashback. The website is associated with more than 350 brands and websites which provide the members with not only amazing discounts on the products but also the scope to earn hard cash while they shop. I have always believed that real cash is always better than any coupon, it gives me the freedom to purchase absolutely anything I want while coupons are website and deal specific with terms and conditions.

So how exactly does it work?

The best thing I found about them is how easy and uncomplicated the entire procedure is. This is how it goes-
1) Join Cashkaro.com for free.
2) Search for the website/ product you want to buy. (or) Click on the tabs to find the best coupons / cashbacks / offers.
3) From the drop down list, select the deal which appeals to you and click on the deal link.
4) Upon clicking the selected deal, the link will take you directly to the retailer's website in a matter of seconds.
5) Shop like you usually do. (Make sure you do the transaction in the same referral. if you are not directed through Cashkaro.com, the cashback will not work.)
6) Get your product delivered from the respective retailer and get the earned cashback deposited to your account which can be withdrawn directly when it reaches INR 250.
7) If you haven't received a notification regarding the cashback, you can always raise a ticket to check for it and get it resolved by the efficient team  in no time.


1) Clean, detailed, organised and clutter free look which makes navigation extremely smooth and easy.
2) Get real cash deposited in your bank account apart from great deals.
3) Cash is deposited directly to your bank account through NEFT transfer or as a cheque whichever you prefer.
4) Refer your friends using your unique referral link and earn 10% of their cashback earnings for an entire lifetime.

I have been extremely satisfied with the absolutely fabulous deals that you can get through them and how quick and simple the entire procedure is. I'll most definitely recommend every online shopping addict to try this website and save more as they shop.

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