Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tagged myself :P

Hows everyone been doing?? Am back after a short hibernation :) Soumi of Sold-for-shoes-overweight-intellectual-dancer did this great post at her blog and I tagged myself. Here are a few things you don't know about me-

1. The most meaningful sentence?
"Love means never having to say you're sorry" - Love Story

2. A must for your make up?
That should be kohl and lip balm. I am somehow incomplete without them.

3. What's your beauty secret?
No secrets!! My mantra is keeping things as minimal as possible.

4. Favourite drink?
Umm...Water,yes I love drinking water. Next to that will be tender coconut water :D

5. What do you hate?
That list will be endless. I'll try to restrict it to three-
a) Miss calls (That is very typical of Indians of my age, who are experts at irritating you with such calls at the weirdest possible time :\ )
b) Over smart people who scream for attention.
c) Winter. Yes I hate winter.

6. Favorite flavor?
Chocolate :D

7. Favorite book?
There are so so many. But I shall pick my good old "The Naughtiest Girl" by Enid Blyton. It was my first book,so, its special :D

8. Who do you look like?
I look like me. But there are a few friends of mine who are at Delhi and who told me that I look,speak and behave exactly like a particular professor of theirs(isn't that creepy??),but she aint popular either!! :\

9. A product you don't like but everybody loves?
Lakme kajal. Many people around me seem to like it really very much but its not my thing,my eyes turn black and blue minutes after using it.

10. Which cosmetic products would you like to buy now?
I love nail colors. For now I want a dark blue nail paint which I seem to find nowhere :( and gold shatter nail color.

Feel free to tag yourselves (and let me know if you have,in the comments below),would love to read your version.


  1. That was interesting!! It's always fun to read little known facts about fellow bloggers :-)

  2. hmmm dark blue? buy OPI ink and if you have 1000 bucks to spare buy one for me too:D

  3. @Opal_thenku :D
    @beingFab_ thanks,do tag yourself,would love to read :D
    @Emm_I already have an ink colored nail paint which I don't really like. :( I need the perfect royal blue which is not so really available (the exact shade that I want)

  4. I love Love Story!! :D And I've only had coconut water once and I didn't like it, which really disappointed me. I love coconut, so perhaps I just need to try a different brand? Oh, and I hate winter too. That's on the top of my hate list! LOL!

    1. I love Love Story too!! :D A different brand of Coconut water,seriously?? LOL

  5. I'm following you now!Never knew you were a blogger too!

  6. I love this! It's so great to know more about you.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. :-) a little more insight into the golden world of Swarnali.......

  8. So fun reading your responses! I love coconut water too. I stick the the same drinks.

    Did you know that coconut water mimics blood plasma? It can be used in blood transfusions!


    1. Wow that was a great piece of info,I knew that the compositions were similar to some extent but i didst know that it could be used for transfusions ...Thanks a lot for the info :)


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