Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hello people!!
Had a very hectic week. We performed Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream at our college Annual day function. If you are wondering what the title refers to,its my last goodbye to my dear college as its my final year at college,I'll be graduating (hopefully) this year. Am gonna miss each and everyday moment spent there. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would miss the place so much but the last few days reuniting,forming new bonds made me realize how wonderful the place was.
Here are a few pictures from my days at college and a few snaps taken during the rehearsals and makeup sessions of the play-
(this is going to be a picture heavy post,so please bear it with me )
This pic is very dear to me. In the pic,from L-R are Trisha,Sis(Emely),I and Drisha

This pic was taken at our Teacher's day celebration last year.

This is from one of our "on the trees" moments. That is me n Drisha

Our lovely and very talented senior,Debosmita di

The mischievous Puck,played by Sayantani di 

sister-love: Sanghamitra di and Priyanka di 

Thanks to Saima for this lovely collage,we have all(most) all our classmates in this.

This is the last pic we took,the members of the Natyo Company (translated-the drama troupe)

Theseus and Hippolyta,played by the lovely Sayantani di and Majira di respectively

Could I have looked any worse?? This is my most hideous pic ever :P That is Pyramus(me) with Hippolyta (Manjira di)

A random pic taken during our final year. from L-R- Sahina,I,Indrani,Rimpa,Anindita and Shimanti

Classmates and seniors-Sreejita,Sohini di, Sukanya di and Debopriya

The entire class with our very dear Manjari Ma'am (we looooooooooove you ma'am)

Quince and Snout- Priyanka di and Ananya di

Ok thats enough pictures. The only thing I need to say to Bethune College is am gonna miss every part of you.  Adieu. Vive la Bethune! <3
P.S.-this post is dedicated to my lovely seniors - Ananya di, Priyanka di, the two Sayantani di, Sanghamitra di, Debosmita di, Manjira di , Atreyi di and Sanjukta di...I love you all and I'll miss each and everyone of you.


  1. Dats lovely...i love u too nd u c these last few days were gr8. New bonds hv bn made in so short a time. Thnk u soo much...may u have wndrful and successful years ahead...

    1. Yes they were...I hope we will keep in tough throughout the years. It was a great pleasure knowing all of yo. <3

  2. I have tagged you in a post Here

    Lovely pictures and I like the collage!

    1. Thanks a lot Emm...will be doing the tag soon :)

  3. Whoa....Iv no fond memories of the place I call college, but Amrita university( where I did my partial PG) is a different case....enjoy the last few days left of your college life...

    1. I don't have the last few days anymore. College is over,our classes are dissolved and I already miss the place so much :(

  4. college days are sure fun!!


    1. Yes they sure are and I had a wonderful college life.

  5. Aww, that is a sweet little photo tribute!! I love my college too and staring at those pics bring back a flood of memories :-)

  6. It's awesome....i will really miss the place (Bethune College) though when i came to this place i never thought that i will miss the place but after spending 3 years there......i will miss my college like pizza without chesse.
    And what can say about the friends, they are just mindblowing and the seniors too......last but not the least the teachers who has made the place very special....love you all


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