Sunday, February 26, 2012


Has it ever happened to you that you can do a few things best only at sudden impulses???

It happened to me quite many a times. People,things around me,anime inspire me to turn them immortal,not that I can make them everlasting by my amateur attempts,but the whole idea of giving anything  immortality by preserving them in art tempts me to sketch them. I have noticed that if I don't sketch the thing the very moment I get the impulse,I can't do it ever. Also,I have never been successful in replicating a sketch that I made. It somehow turns out to be very different from the original one,which is very irritating.

Here are a few examples of those impulsive attempts-
This was done during a very boring class and I didn't feel like listening to the professor (who was incidentally teaching us Blake's Tyger!! That is what I call mother of coincidence :P),so I decided to sketch the drawing printed on the back cover of my notebook. Did you notice how the first line of the poem is used to make the face of the tiger?? The creativity of this one was too tempting to resist.

This one was a water color painting, printed on the cover of one of my notebooks and bestie Drisha really loved the painting. So I decided to gift her a sketch of the same on her birthday :) The girl I sketched turned out to be cuter than the original. :P

This is a very common anime which many of us might have seen. I didn't know when I started sketching this on the back page of my notebook during a class.

The original was a sketch I spotted during surfing the net and saved the picture because I liked the way the hair looked. My version does not do justice to the original,its simply beautiful.

Hope you could figure who it is (Ok,its Albert Einstein,if you couldn't. Blame my lame sketch). This sketch appeared in the newspaper a long time back and I found it so cute,I cut it out and kept in a file. Isn't little Einstein really cute??
Those hydra-like creatures are I and Drisha :D This was made during one of our happie happie moments and we looked exactly like those cuties,except we aren't that cute!!


  1. Wow!!!
    you did a great job.
    einsteen is simply superb...
    keep going:)

  2. are talented..some nice sketches!!

  3. Wow these absolutely fantastic!! Not only are you a literary genius, you're an artist too!! You have the best of both worlds which is quite usual! Gifted girl!

    1. Now tell me who is the one exaggerating,me or you?? I obviously don't deserve those compliments!! :P

  4. you are a true artist...Einstein is the best one !! :)

    Love ,

  5. Yes! The same thing happens to me too. It also happens with sketching as well. Your drawings are so wonderful! I love them. They are so playful/romantic and beautiful. Great job girl!


  6. Love your cute sketches! Following you babes :D

  7. these r some lovely sketches :) ll come back later and go through the other two posts u have submitted on indi :)


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