Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nail art and li'l DIYs again!!

Went out visiting the zoo with my li'l niece (yes its the same trip I had mentioned earlier) and was mesmerized by the gorgeous leopard (no not scary gorgeous,it was the OMG its freaking gorgeous). Plus spotted Leia's leopard print nails a few days back and couldn't resist trying it out myself. Take a look-
 I agree,pics aren't really flattering,but believe me,the thing looked really cool in real (but definitely not as good as Leia's!!).
Here take a look at what the Leopard looked like.

Then was smitten by the heart symbol and thought of sporting it on my nails...take  a look-

I tried out making another bow hair clip for Drisha and a floral headband for my niece,here is how they look-

All pics were taken from my phone (a 2MP cam),you see I don't own a must-have cam :(

Never mind my woes,I would love to know which one you liked.

Take care


  1. @Opal_ummm...Your wish is my command,tell me which one you want,I'll make and send them to you asap...


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