Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Giveaway time!!

Yeah yeah I know I said I wouldn't do any more posts this year but couldn't help posting this one. :P
Kiran of  Cherry Lane is celebrating her 10 followers with her first international giveaway. Little different from the other giveaways, the gifts that can be won is not fixed!! The more the followers by the end of Jan 2012,more the number of gifts to be won.

Here are the prizes to be won-
1)A big tub of The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Scrub(10 followers)

2) ELF Nail Polish in Twinkle(15 followers)

3)Original Source Special Winter Edition Almond and Black Cherry Shower Gel(20 followers)

4)Cupcake Bath Fizzers(25 followers )

5)Bourjois So Laque Nail Polish in Rouge Casino(30 followers)

6)A Sachet of Cherry Cool Aid(35 followers)
7) A pretty Black stud pair(40 followers)
8)MUA lipstick in shade 11-a warm brown color(45 followers)

9)MUA Blusher in shade 5
More goodies get added to the list,one extra for every 5 new follower.

So go check it out here and participate :) Giveaway closes on 31st Jan GMT,so hurry up!!
Hope all of you have a great year ahead.



  1. Thanks Swarnali! Your so sweet to do a post about my giveaway! I guess I better get finding some more gifts now! lol You totally rock!!

  2. thanks for the info ..


  3. @Cherry Lane_All a pleasure :D

    @Sweet and bitter_You're most welcome checkout her blog :D

  4. wow ! the picture on the banner of yr blog really attracted me !! nice blog you have here... me following you sweetly ..
    do check out my blog -

  5. @Riddhi_Thanks a bunch, so glad you liked it :D

  6. aw I just noticed that you have been updating your post with all the prize...good job girl! Thanks so much! :-)

  7. @Cherry Lane_you are most welcome sweets :)


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