Monday, January 19, 2015

Of Books - Where to Buy Them

Hello there folks,

How has 2015 been treating you? It has been pretty fabulous for me so far.  I cannot believe it is 19th already!! The beginning of every New Year seems synonymous with new resolutions. I always end up breaking all my resolutions religiously. This time however, I have decided to stick to the few I have resolved to follow.

Starting the day with a short silent prayer has been one and it is surprisingly refreshing especially on these cold winter mornings when all I want to do is sleep. Another thing I have resolved is to read at least 50 books this year. I read a mere 15 last year (thanks to the super busy second half of the year I had)  . My bookshelf has some 100 books that I've bought over the last 3 years and never got around to reading. I cannot get over the compulsive habit of buying books which makes the pile of to-read books only grow higher with time. You cannot blame me entirely, who can resist the smell of those new books inviting you to buy them!! 

How many of you are guilty of buying books and making a pile of them? I know I am. How many of you are also guilty of checking out books in stores and buying them cheaper online? *raises hand* Well, you cannot blame me for that. Being a student with no source of income is particularly difficult. You need all these awesome stuff out there and have only a limited sum of money you can spend. What do you do then? Search for deals to get things cheaper and at awesome deals!! This is where life saviors like CupoNation come into the picture. They provide you with information about the latest discounts and deals on different websites selling books. Books come at unbelievably great prices online and what makes it all the better is you get them home delivered. I absolutely love going to and buying from bookstores but the joy you experience from bagging a great deal is pretty awesome too. 

The Kolkata Literary Meet (KALAM) is to start from 23rd January and I cannot be more excited. I've placed a huge order of books by Ruskin Bond, Amitav Ghosh and Jeet Thayil which I am planning to get signed from them. Yay!    My favorite websites to shop books from are-


This was pretty obvious, right? Flipkart started their entire venture with books quite a couple of years back. I have been a loyal customer from 2010. They have never failed to deliver their promises and have super cool offers on books all the time. They have currently a huge sale going on and they offer free deliveries for books from WS retail!!


Amazon’s Indian version is my new favorite when it comes to shopping books. They provide free shipping on (almost) all books and they also pack your book with in a pretty cover (different from the regular one) and add a message for free if it is a gift. I totally love that.Check for amazing Amazon coupons to save much on your next purchase.


This is another website I really like buying books from. The deals aren't always the best here but they store some books other stores don’t.

What are your favorite places to buy books from? Do you prefer buying them from stores of do you get yours online? Let me know in the comments.

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