Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shoes Shoes & Shoes!!

This one is for my shoe fetish....the best part of being a that you never have to get monotonous with the regular jeans & t-shirts or shirts & have a million variety of clothes to adorn yourself with...from dresses to sarees to salwar kameez to jeans to trousers to skirts ......there is a lotta variety to choose from..and with that comes shoes!! lovely shoes!! there r so many of them as here the types that I love to wear...
I have this one in black...a pretty pair of flat sandals which look great with almost all kinds of clothes..
I have the same one..this is another flat pair of sandals which is ideal for keeping the sweat off from your feet in the summers. Has a back strap to avoid slipping off..
A pair of floaters is a must have for everybody. Its sporty,cool and very comfortable....looks good with a  pair of denims and your t-shirt...wonderful during the monsoon..low maintenance makes it a big favorite.
A simple yet pretty pair of flip flops is one good choice for the rains..but only if you don't mind these strapless ones to stain your legs or your denims with mud splashes when you walk!!
A cute pair of ballerinas are a good option for people like me who aren't really comfortable in heels but won't give up on style when it comes to shoes..these pretty shoes will make you feel like a ballerina !! come in plenty of get one with every dress that you have in your wardrobe..look best with summer dresses.. :D
And here comes my favorite!! Gladiators!! These are the shoes that are a must if you have a great calf to flash..The best thing about this type is that it comes in ankle to various calf lengths and also in the flat and heeled variety...choose the one you like...but do not make a fashion faux pas by wearing this one with you full length will spoil the entire look...couple this one with a knee length dress,skirt ,a short leggings or capris and you look absolutely gorgeous.... remember you need to show you calf to flaunt this one perfectly.. :)


  A pair of pumps is a shoe that goes perfectly well with a gown as well as with the corporate look...pair them with a pencil skirt to break the monotony and dullness of the personal favorite are the peep toes....but these come only in  heels,so not a good option for people who are not comfortable with heels...sadly I don't have this beauty in my collection.. :( Comes a bit can't afford one just now..will get one later.. :D
Wedges!! these are another heeled vaierty but don't go with the height of heels..this beauty is very comfortable to wear...can be paired with almost every attire..just choose the correct type with the correct dress.. :D
A pair of sport shoes is another choice for those chicks whose first priority is comfort  when it comes to shoes ( like me!!)...these running shoes help keep your feet remain in perfect shape without compromising on style!!
 A lovely pair of converse shoes is a must in my kitty...I loooooooooooove wearing them...perfect for college goers...I love the colorful ones...multicolored... don't worry if you have a regular red or blue one..u can spice it up with colorful laces..that will add the extra bling :D
The next on my list is Boots!! They look stunning with short dresses or a dark blue jeans & a white T-shirt .


I saw some pics of Cameroon Diaz wearing  them and she looked beautiful in thought of sharing them...

Last piece advice: Do not wear leather or canvas shoes during monsoon as they tend to have fungal growth during musty weather absorbing the moisture from the air...if you have to wear it anyway then do wear socks to avoid the fungus infecting your skin..
So go happy feet!! :D
P.S.-Sorry if I left any let me know if you have any suggestions for good shoes.. :D

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