Saturday, September 10, 2011

Color me...

Well..this is the first time am trying to couldn't think of anything that i cud start with...suddenly this idea of writing about my favorite Nail Colors pops up in my mind...& I say..Y not?? So this is to all my pretty ladies who love coloring their nails...I believe your nail color is something dat represents the person you it bold,subdued, defines all!! So here are my favorite colors...I have a few and would love to have plenty more.. :D

Holly: This is one of my favorite nail colors,looks absolutely stunning.
Black: This is the one color that every girl should posses for bringing out the emo in you. You can never go wrong with black...It is one color that will make you stand out everywhere :D Nothing better than a black nail color for the winters (or any other day!!)
Champagne: This is one color that goes with every outfit and perfect for everyday wear. Champagne Shimmer by Avon is an essential in my nail color list & I have 3 bottles of it.... :D I absolutely love this color.

Plum or Purple: This are colors that will always bring in a smile... simple adorable. Looks perfect with a cute summer dress and a pretty pair of gladiators :D

Brown: This is another favorite color of mine,be it the yummilicious chocolate brown or the shiny mettalic brown or the plain jane brown...I love them all...

Pink: Pink!! The favorite color of all women!! So splash it on your nails...from the bright shocking pink to the charming rose looks great on everybody ..

Blue: Go Blue!! Blue is my favorite it blue dresses,blue t shirts, blue jeans, blue shirts,blue shoes, blue earrings,blue nail it...& I have it looks good with everything & on everyone..from robin blue to sky blue to turquoise blue to ink blue..I love all shades of blue...looks wonderful with your blue jeans and t-shirt for a casual look!!

Red: Ah!! Red is the color to bring out the classy lady in you...Cherry red, Cranberry, Bold red, .choose the one you like...makes you look the diva you are when paired with a cocktail dress and your pair of red pumps!!

And of course y keep it simple wen u can add motifs and wonderful patterns to your nails!! 
Here are some of the few that I really liked and which are quite easy to get done-
And for the last tip...girls do keep a color that is your favorite...something that you can always wear with anything..!! And don't forget to get wild sometimes...try the flashy colors as well!!


  1. Damn these colours look really sexy.. loved it :D :D

    1. Hi Raumali!!
      They are really sexy,aren't they :D :D
      thanks for dropping in.


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