Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pocketful of Sunshine

Aniesha and I were talking on Saturday and we were both cribbing about how busy I've gotten lately and how the mess at her university (she studies at Jadavpur ) wasn't getting any better. We decided to meet and crib some more over breakfast. So, we met this Monday at Park Street's Au Bon Pain (I highly recommend this place if you haven't been there...the quirky decor, super comfy seats and delicious orangeade shouldn't be missed). While the two of us sat there munching on our delicious egg and pesto croissants and yapping at the same time, I spotted these kids running around with a tray.

I pointed to this bunch of three six-or-so year olds who by the appearance looked like they had dressed for Eid. Aniesha giggled and remarked how excited kids get when they find food, a lot of it.
"The poor parents must be going crazy trying to control them". We continued talking when my eyes wandered to another counter where I spotted the three carrying this tray with one Onion and Garlic Bagel on it. I overheard one of them say "Ye wala le le...30 hai (take this costs 30) " and I poked Aniesha saying , "They aren't here with their parents!! ". I could see that she looked really worried and started scanning the place trying to find them. "Oh there they are", she said pointing to the cash counter. We saw the three hand over one ten rupees note each to the guy at the counter who looked really amused. "Bhaiya, 30 huye na? (it is 30 bucks right?) ". What they didn't notice was that the bill was not 30 but 35 rupees with the added tax. The guy at the counter was really kind and nodded his head in affirmative and took the 30 rupees handed to him.

These three then clambered into the seats right behind ours. One of them divided this one bagel into three parts as the other two slathered ketchup all over it. The two of us watched them highly amused as they laughed and nibbled the bread. I nudged Aniesha to go and ask them if we could take a picture of them. And guess what? These three not just said a yes with big grins but one of them smartypants flashed a "V for Victory" when Aniesha clicked the picture.

Aniesha and I wanted to buy them muffins but they sped the moment they finished their bagel. Kids these days are way smarter, I swear. I'm pretty sure I would have never had the courage to go to a place located on such a busy street all alone!!

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  1. Hi Swarnali,
    Oh! I see, that meet has much more to unfold ;)
    They look so cute and of course smarter than their ages :D
    Even I don't have a dare like this!
    Happy to see the two creative minds met and came up with an observation.

    stay smiling
    happy blogging <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Simran. Kids never fail to surprise me!!

  2. Children these days! I tell you. :D
    I want a bagel nw.

    1. Every new generation is smarter than the one before. My little niece gives me an inferiority complex :P

  3. hahaha kids are way smarter and naughtier these days
    A lovely post indeed


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