Monday, September 15, 2014

The Poetry Corner: Romantic Exorcism

Romantic Exorcism

Wallowing here at the edge of worlds, 

The nonchalance is disturbed by a burst of light at the cloud splattered horizon. 

The eyes seek a moment of recognition in this Godforsaken land, 

but the vicinity remains devoid of life as it’s just a stray comet, 

which has probably lost his way. 

As the last vestiges of light dissipate from the retinas, 

They resume their quest in the obscurity. 

Your romantic exorcism has peeled the soul off me. 

And I am all alone on my voyage across the seas of Charon. 

Hoping to be reunited with my soul. 

Stuck here at the brink of life and death, 

The lapping of waves against my oars provides an imaginary solace. 

Reminds me of mortal music. 

Time has somehow lost its relevance here or maybe it has ceased to exist. 

All I can do is wonder what my soul is going through, 

Here in this unfathomable oblivion. 

Have you released it from your captivity? 

Or are you still condemning it to your love? 

~Suryea Krishna

Note: Charon here refers to the hypothetical sea on Pluto's moon. However, the poem on the whole is inspired from the Greek myth of the ferryman of Hades who carries the souls of the dead across the rivers which divide the worlds of the living and the dead. 

This was a guest post by our friend Suryea. You can read his other poem on our blog here. We value your feedback so your comments are welcome. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. May you all blessed be!  :)

PS- The picture has been taken from Google Images.

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