Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Poetry Corner: Haunted Heart

Hello, beautiful world! It's Arpita this side and no, I am not posting anything I wrote myself. I know, again. *Le sigh! This is a poem written by our friend Suryea, who was kind enough to let us share it on our blog. He has also contributed a book review to Dreams and Drama and you can take a look at it here. We hope you'll like this creative piece and that you will share your feedback by leaving a comment!

Haunted Heart

Let me guide you through my haunted heart. 
Welcome to the universe of broken dreams & shattered emotions, 
Which cause innumerable quakes in this lava-land. 
Quakes which brought deep ravines & cuts in the heart, breaking it into many pieces. 

Heartbreak has slaughtered Love in this haunted heart.
Let me show you around my haunted heart. 
Welcome to the world of eternal sadness & loneliness, Which cause many a volcanic eruptions in this ash-land....Volcanoes which spew sorrow in all directions across this heart. 

Sorrow has savaged Happiness in this haunted heart.
This luckless land, love & happiness have alienated, 
And have left behind a dark void which is free from all feelings, 
And only an everlasting oblivion prevails over this heart. 

Ghastly ghosts have started rushing in to fill this emptiness, 
They now frolic in this haunted heart.
These ghostly apparitions speak of strange memories & thoughts in their whispers. 
Whispers which rekindle the eerie silence pervading over this heart... 

The shadows of these ghosts are the first pleasant manifestation on this haunted heart.

The ghosts have unlocked iron chains & have unleashed ferocious beasts, 
From hidden caverns inside the depths of this heart. 
With these ghosts & beasts running unchecked across the heart, 
An unreal security & safety has developed in this haunted heart

The ghosts & beasts are spawning more of their kind. 
In the absence of Love & Happiness they are overrunning the whole heart. 
This heart has recast itself into a new unbreakable shell of black darkness, 
And has opened up to weird vistas of haunting. Hope you enjoy your stay in my haunted heart.

~ Suryea


  1. its so true that its more within us that stops us rather than the obstacles the world puts in our way.

  2. heartbreaks what can i say about them .. in my experiences I have had some and given some .. so i am the last person to say anything on that ..


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