Sunday, June 15, 2014

Website Review-

Did I ever tell you that I have a special love for scarves and stoles? I absolutely love how versatile they are and how easily that can make or break an outfit. A bright colored scarf or stole can instantly  jazz up an otherwise plain outfit. There are innumerable ways you can wear your scarf or stole. If you are like me who doesn't like having anything wrapped around her neck for too long, you can turn your beloved scarf into a très chic bandana or make a bow with it and attach it to your handbag. If you are the artsy kind, you can always do more fun stuff like make a DIY camera strap out of your scarf!!

So, when the people at asked me to review their website, I was more than delighted to check what they had in store. And gladly for me, they did not disappoint at all. is your one stop solution for stoles, scarves and shawls with a huge collection of designs, prints and colors to suit every sensibility and all the pieces are very reasonably priced to suit every pocket.

I received a pretty floral printed 100% modal stole which is super soft. What I loved most about the stole is that it does not irritate my skin even after wearing it for a long time. Modal fabric is almost like cotton but only better because it is color fast and pills (formation of bubbles) much lesser than cotton. Here is how the stole I received looked on the website-

A comparison between the one I got and the picture on the website-

Pretty much identical, don't you think so?

The highlights of the website-
  •  Free shipping on all orders (including international ones).
  • Product delivery guarantee in a week (I got mine in 2 days).
  • A discount coupon of INR 250 for your first purchase when you sign up which can be redeemed for a purchase of INR 1000 or more.
  •  A huge collection of scarves, stoles and shawls in every color possible for both men and women.
  • Free gift wrapping on request.
  • The picture shown on the website is true to the actual product you receive. Detailed descriptions of the product is provided.
  • You can use coupons from their coupon partners like,, and others to get more discounts on the already discounted prices.
Do you like scarves? If you do, make sure you check out the vast collection at

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  1. hmmm all the best to the website then :) looks goood


    1. The website is pretty good considering their products and price range :)

  2. Atleast the products seen on the website that identicle colour wise. I order a flipflop from Myntra which said it was lime green. When I got it it was some ugly parrot green.

    1. Yes, product color is a major concern for me too!! I really dislike when the products I receive does not match the colors on the website but then color matching is always a problem with digital cams and depend on the computer settings. Sad you didn't like your flip flops. You can always ask for a complete refund on Myntra, that is one good thing about them.

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