Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grape Harvest Feast, Kolkata

It was less than a week since I came from my trip to the winery in Baramati, Pune that I received another call from team gingerclaps inviting me and three other bloggers to the Grape Harvest Feast to be organised at Splash, Swissotel at City Centre 2, Kolkata. I was more than delighted to go for these events always turn out to be a great opportunity to meet other city bloggers and members from the United Spirits team apart from being really fun. Shikha and Dolon had already reached and were busy sipping away when Aniesha and I reached the rooftop of Swissotel. The infinity pool and the beautifully decorated cabanas looked spectacular as people chatted away under the sun.

Food by Swissotel
The food platter by Swissotel had a range of grilled meat, fish, steaks, pasta and much more.

That is Shikha, Dolon, Me and Aniesha
We got to meet Rinkie Mazumder to escort us and Peter Mitter whom we had met at previous events to give us company and suggest us the types of wines we should pair with the food. What made the afternoon even better was the live music played by a Kolkata based band called Neel and the Lightbulbs.

The Four Seasons Cabana

The Four Seasons cabana stood out from the rest with the beautiful balloons that hung from above shaped like bunches of green and black grapes.

Aniesha and I were really tempted to join in the grape stomping session but unfortunately, we weren't appropriately dressed for it. 

Live band and the other cabanas
The other brands apart from Four Seasons wines who participated in the feast were Sula, Jacob's Creek, Antares and Nine Hills amongst others.

Thanks to the entire team of gingerclaps, Sumath, Rinkie and Mr. Peter for a really lovely afternoon.

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  1. I was invited by a friend who is staying at Swissotel but it wasn't free. And Gingerclaps has stopped inviting me these days. :-( You all are having so much fun, back to back!

    1. Aww...no...the issue is they select people randomly. I wish you guys could come...it wasn't as much fun without you people. :(

  2. I posted a comment last night..but it didn't show up x-(
    It was a lovely afternoon indeed, Swarnali <3 and I had a brilliant time... ^_^
    You have written this post very nicely :D
    But I still waiting for your Baramati post!!! When are you going to put that up?!?! -_-

    1. Blogger throws the weirdest tantrums sometimes, I tell you!! We had a blast didn't we? :D Thanks a bunch, Baramati post will be up very soon...hang on till I get the pictures edited :P

  3. wow interesting Grape Harvest Feast..
    Here is the list of restaurants in kolkata


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