Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Harboring a Crush is BETTER than being in a Relationship

That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call 'em something else.
Sixteen Candles

Despite the line quoted above, I still think that it’s easier to harbor crushes than have an actual relationship. I know lots of people would disagree and dismiss the idea of having crushes to be something juvenile and something which can only find meaning if you’re a sixteen year old school girl. Oh well, I certainly beg to differ.

For one thing, you are not obliged to wake up at eight am in the morning to text your boyfriend/girlfriend, “Good morning! Have a wonderful day. J” I am not saying it’s a bad thing but you know, if you happen to forget sending that text once in awhile – all hell will break lose. And even if your sweetheart doesn’t say it, he/she might have nagging insecurities about this tiny detail.

Speaking of insecurities, when you’re simply crushing on someone finding out what they’ve been up to and who’ve they’ve been spending time with simply does not matter. In fact, what matters is that despite his/her extremely busy schedule they manage five minutes to talk to you…And if they happen to reply to your text or IMs with an, “hey! I am so glad you pinged/texted me today” – ah, is it possible to stay afloat on cloud nine?


With relationships come the added dramas of having to meet each other over the weekend, if you’re both busy with work, college or simply cannot find time to give time to one another. I personally know way too many people who couldn’t “make it work” thanks to their conflicting schedules. Just take a peek at the celeb world. So many of them say they have parted ways due to the fact they could never find enough time to spend it with one another.

The best part about having a crush on someone is that they simply have no clue about it – usually. Unless you’re friends keep teasing you in front of him/her. If only the guy/girl is totally clueless, they’d not realize why people are giggling, whispering and saying things with double meanings when they are around. And admit it – you do like it when people tease you about your crush. There’s something oddly cute and sweet about the whole deal.

Imagine if your crush suddenly asks you to hang out with them without any prior notice – well, is it truly possible to die of happiness? Because that’s the only reaction that comes to mind when I look back and imagine my crush asking to simply hang out. What’s the best part about hanging out with your crush? You can go just about anywhere, and not worry about anything… You don’t have to live up the usual standards of a typical date. Honestly, what more could one ask for? Do you still need me to convince you why crushes are way better than having a relationship?

The last thing that comes to my mind is, haven’t you often heard people say the best time in their relationship was right before it officially began? That’s the time they’re both crushing on each other. Psychologists say that if crushes last more than four months, it is love… No wonder my crushes last less than one month!

There are people who make it a point to keep their sparks flying in their relationships and hats off to them for that. but for the rest of us, I still say, harboring a crush is way better that trying to make a relationship work.

Guest posted by Aniesha :)


  1. Thanks for giving me the space to put this rant up ;)

    P.S. Let's hope Sudeshna sees it tomorrow ;) :P

  2. hmm..i believe sometimes relationships can be too much of a hassle with someone who is not meant to be there forever. for that we should stick to the crushes. well written aniesha :)

    1. thanks, debiparna :D I still enjoy harboring crushes....if nothing, it gives me five minutes of pure happiness, thinking about the crush ;)

    2. I completely agree..crushes are much less hassle than real relationships :)

  3. I couldn't agree more..:)
    its true that harboring a crush isn't that bad thing.. no matter what the age is, we still feel that child like excitement on being around that crush and enjoying that momentarily happiness...:) not everything is meant to be forever.. sometimes its a good thing to just be in the moment and enjoy those feelings of having a crush..:P :)
    well written Aniesha..:)

    1. Hi Jemina!!!
      Thank you :)) Ha ha, I wrote this "rant" because from my personal experience, I found harboring a crush is one of the best ways to feel good again! ^_^
      Ahhh, "forever" is something that really scares me. I'd rather just crush on someone from a distance... :D

    2. ah yes, the teen again feeling crushes give you, priceless :D :P


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