Monday, July 8, 2013

An Ode To Bob Dylan

Hello Bloggy Friends,

It has been a long time I have been MIA. Today I've come up with a poem written by one of my very favourite people on earth and a very old friend, Rakesh Krishnakumar. Rakesh is an engineer to be and a movie buff who has the most amazing taste in world movies. This is what he says about his composition-

It is inspired from Bob Dylan's Masters of War. After hearing that song I was so deeply moved I thought it would be the ideal start for me to write a contemporary version of the same as I thought it suits perfectly in today's context. It is basically aimed at the scheming perpetrators who are sending the country to her lowest lows. My maiden attempt, so please forgive the blunders.

Come See This Blaze, This Golden Glow
The Storm Gathering Might,
The Lighthouse Incinerating The Ships
The Oppressed, The Suppressed, The Beaten Ones
The Torments, The Tortures, The Tricks And The Taunts
Enough With It I Am Warning You.

If Not A Day Will Come And I Hope It Will Soon
When You See The Fire Rising Above Your Mansion
The Fire You Yourself Created To Burn Us Down
The Furnace You Yourself Fabricated To Char Our Souls
You Will See It, Your Same Old Fire Eating Into Your Flesh.

You Say The Times Have Changed
With All The Mud Settling Down
And All The Winds Changing Their Course;
You Say The Warmongers Are All But Dead
And The Blood They Shed Disappeared In The Tide.
You Say Peace Has Shrouded This World
You Say Future For The Unborns Is All Shining Bright.

But I Say Shut Your Ugly Mouth Mister
That Your Petty Tricks Ain't Now Good;
All These Lies And Fake Promises You Offer
Carefully Concealed Inside A Golden Chocolate Wrapper.
Keep 'Em With You, You Sly Oldster
As Times Have Indeed Changed
But They Have Changed Only For Your Bad

You See The Boy Over There, That Poor Little Chap
Cleaning Your Vomit And Washing Your Waste
I Wonder How Old Is He
I Wonder Where Are His Tooth Fairies
Where Are His Christmas Gifts
I Know Its You, The Cunning Orchestrator
Stealing His Childhood, And Tearing His Wings
I Dare You To Look At His Face, See Through His Eyes, Once At least
And If You Do Can't You See A Million Faces

Can't You See The Girl Selling Flesh For A Crumpled Currency
A Widow Grieving The Loss Of Her Other Half
A Mother Mourning Her Infant's Demise
A Peasant Failing To Feed His Cherub Drinking His Tears
A Fragile Weak Contour Receiving The Remains Of Her Beloved Martyr
All Because Of You And You Alone
Because Of Your Fake Bloated Promises
Because Of Your Negligence And Unapologetic Greed
I Just Want To Ask You One Thing
Can You Bear These Curses, All Aimed At You
The Curses Which Can Melt You Down To Your Bloody Ashes

Now You Hear That Sound, That Ever Increasing Tremor
Sound Of That Fast Approaching Storm
You See Those High Concrete Walls Of Yours Shivering
And Those Extravagant Tiles Underneath Your Feet
Cant You Feel Mighty Chasms Forming All Over Them
Not A Pretty Sight, Ain't It You Filthy Schadenfreude.
Ain't You Afraid Now, Ain't You Trembling With Fear
Or Ain't You Even Aware Of These Impending Danger
I Think You Are, As I Can See It In Your Eyes

You Can Put On Your Thickest Armour
You Can Prepare Your Golden Army
You Can Hide Inside Your Storm Shelter
You Can Even Put On An Invisibility Cloak
But Whatever You Do One Thing's For Sure
This Storm Will Rise And When It Rise
You Will Be Surrounded From All The Sides
There Will Be No Escape Both For Your Body And Soul
And That One Tiny Bullet, Oh It Will Find You Boy
The One Which Has Your Name On It
And Will Make You Bleed From Your Wrenched Heart
That Worthless Blood, Your Poisonous Blood

Rakesh, I think you have done a brilliant job for a first attempt. Looking forward to reading more from you buddy :) For those of you who haven't heard Dylan's original-

Till next,


  1. :) Hey guys. Please forgive me as its my very first attempt if you encounter blunders. Hopefully you all will like it.
    And thanks a lot Swarnali yaar for posting in the blog.
    Cheers then

  2. I am impressed :) Keep up the good work, Rakesh ^_^

  3. thanks a lot Aniesha for the kind words :)


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