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Walking Down Memory Lane- The Colgate Clock

Hello, beautiful people!

At this time of the year, with so many high school kids stepping into the 'real world', or what we call college,  one cannot help but think about all the various career choices we had in mind when we were younger. As a little kid, I once thought I'd like to be a dentist- and that had nothing to do with staring into people's mouths.

I was a typical chocoholic (I still am  ) , and cavities never really came as a surprise. So, I was used to visiting the dentist and enjoyed watching him work. I often found myself observing things like the little aquarium in the lobby where I had to wait for my turn, or the way the receptionist smiled at kids who were scared of getting their teeth ripped out. And of course there were those magic fairy tales about tooth fairies and I was always eager to get my tooth extracted only hoping to see one (no, not Dwayne "Rock" Johnson, the prettier ones in tutus ). While I never got to see one, I always found the little gift she dropped under my pillow to spend on something nice 

The thing that fascinated me most, however, was a particular clock on the wall - I have to admit that it was that which made me wish I would grow up to be a dentist. Because I was under the impression that only dentists are allowed to own such a beautiful clock. Whenever I would get terrified of the creepy instruments that were shoved into my mouth, I'd fix my gaze on the Colgate Clock, as I called it, since it had the Colgate toothpaste logo on it. This one had a strange appeal to it ; the second hand was in the shape of a toothbrush and I would follow its progress with a mesmerized expression, from what I'm told. 

I did not mind the pain that came with every visit to the dentist, because I would get the chance to eat a huge ice cream sundae whenever my tooth was removed. But one day, I sorely regretted taking this lightly. I was old enough to have developed permanent teeth- and when one of THOSE got a cavity, I was horrified at the thought of having to go without one. Nightmares began to haunt my sleep, of looking like a toothless granny whenever I would smile. And worst of all, I realized I'd no longer be allowed to eat as many chocolates as I would like to! I felt like I'd been taken to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and thrown out as a result of bad behaviour (Oh the horror!!). 

Thankfully, my friendly neighbourhood dentist told me I can get away with a 'filling'.  What he meant to fill, I hadn't known- but as long as I could retain my poor little tooth, I was willing to go along with any other plan.  Afterwards, I was advised to brush my teeth twice a day, even if it kills me. Initially, I was so relieved to have my tooth 'rescued', I would slather a generous amount of Colgate toothpaste onto my  toothbrush and brush my teeth fanatically each time I had something to eat. I gradually lost the over enthusiasm but I still make sure I brush at least twice a day. The terrifying process of having the dentist drilling into my teeth  and stuffing it with the silver-ish filler is something I sure don't want to go through again!!

Now I only happen to go to the dentist for a regular check up, but mercifully it isn't because of awful tooth problems. 

I remember Colgate starting a wonderful initiative towards creating a better awareness in people, especially kids regarding oral healthcare. Regular wooden ice-cream sticks were replaced by a wooden brush shaped stick which was revealed after the bar of ice cream was consumed, a very clever way to remind people to rinse and brush their teeth after consuming anything sweet.

Did You Know?
  • Two out of every three Indians suffer from gum problems, and are unaware of it. 
  • The statistics of people with a tooth/gum related problem is way higher than any other disease. 
  • Teeth and gums being integral parts of our body without which we can't enjoy all those yummy saliva-inducing delicacies, it becomes a necessity that we take proper care of them.
  • Apart from those flashing white teeth, we also need to pay attention to our gums which hold them. Loose and receding gums can lead to tooth loss.
  • Bleeding and swollen gums can be a sign of deeper underlying problems like gingivitis or periodontitis  that need to be addressed immediately.
  • Bleeding gums can cause bad breath due to increased bacterial activity in your mouth.
  • We must not ignore signs that our body gives us- what would happen to our winning smiles, and by extension our pretty pictures, if we lost our teeth? Go get yourself a dental check up this week, and do take care of you dental health.
This is my entry for the IndiBlogger contest The Moral of the Story Is...... in association with Colgate Total ProGum Health. For cool tips regarding dental care, visit My Health Speak :)

Hope y'all have a great time today!

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  1. i share ur love for chocolates, so much that everyone knows what it takes to bribe me and get their work done!! and ditto for the cavities and the dentist visits!!!

    a lovely mix of humour and information without being preachy! all the best for the contest!

  2. I completely agree with you, lots of people are so busy in consumption that they forget necessary maintenance. Human body too is like a machine which needs regular maintenance hence its very important to take care of teeth. People avoid it due to ignorance and later regret when problems occur.

  3. Awww this so damn cute post re... esp the beginning and the pics and all!!

    I was going aweeee all the time.

    And yes I also had cavities when I was a child and hence can relate to this one :)

  4. I wanted to be a dentist too when I was younger!

    This is a really good concept by Colgate.




  5. Simple message conveyed in a beautiful way.

    Cheers, hope you win! :)


  6. aww...this post is expressed so beautifully..
    and yes..the point of caring for the teach is noted..;)
    and the COLGATE CLOCK..lol..:P :)
    very well written..:)

  7. @Little Princess_hehe...who doesn't love chocs :P People so use that bribe thing with me too :P thanks for the wishes :)

  8. @Me_Awww...now that is what you're comment makes me say :P

  9. @Soumya_thanks a lot, lady :) And thanks much for the follow :D :*

  10. @Jemina_hello there,lovely!! hehe...aww seems to be people's fave reaction after reading this one :P
    Good girl...don't forget to care for your teeth :P ;)
    And thanks a lot :)

  11. Great story on why you became a dentist. I actually have an appointment for a cleaning in a couple weeks, but I don't dread the dentist like before because my new dentist lets me watch Netflix. :)

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  12. Naice :) And it was really a Cool watch to look at indeed!!

    Btw, feel free to visit my blog at reveringthoughts.wordpress.com , your suggestions and comments are more than welcome!!

  13. we all love chocolates!!!and i was very scared of my teeth rotting and falling off when i was a kid..
    swarnali i need you to respond to your email fast please!

  14. Such a creative twist on a story Swarnali! See, normally if this post had been written by anyone OTHER than you, I don't think I would have read it. But I know your writing, and how well you weave a story.

    How cute that you loved the clock so much. I am terrified of the dentist. Absolutely terrified.

  15. I commented before but, the comment did not published :( Anyways, the post was humorous yet informative at the same time. Loved the way you penned down your story, it's always a pleasure to read your posts dear Swarnali !

  16. brushing teeth is very very important.. not oneself and for others too ;)


  17. Thanks, all of you, for the encouragement and appreciation! :)

  18. Colgate is really doing a good effort. Dental care should be taught from the beginning. see here It should be a habit not a burden to children.


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