Monday, March 11, 2013

Soumitra Chatterjee's jingle :)


Good food and music is what defines a Bengali and when it is Soumitra Chattrejee added to the package, nothing gets better!! Saw this jingle on YouTube during my random surfing and I couldn't resist posting about it here. The child-like delight and his witty comments throughout the entire process of the making of the video is extremely entertaining.

Yes, after the great Amitabh Bacchan himself, it is now pour very own beloved Feluda, Soumitra Chatterjee who has taken his talents to altogether a newer height. Soumitra Chatterjee has been awarded with the Dadasaheb Phalke , the Padma Shree and later the Padma Bhushan for his contribution to the Indian film industry. He has made innumerable characters come alive on the celluloid. And not to mention his magnanimous voice as he recites Kobiguru Rabindranath and Kazi Nazrul Islam, he transports his audience to a world away from the real. He has also been actively involved with the theatre and has been performing in Suman Mukhopadhay’s Raja Lear.

Soumitra Chatterjee is a name every Bengali knows. Every kid here has grown up idolizing the man. He is the face of the great Bengali sleuth, Feluda.  The creator of this eternal character, Satyajit Ray had himself said that it was the great actor himself who had inspired him to model a detective, our own Bengali Sherlock. And to say Soumitra Chatterjee has done justice to the character would be an understatement. Feluda came to life through him. Even though other actors have taken up the role to continue with the series, but it will always be Soumitra Chatterjee who would come first when we remember Feluda. Starting from his first role as Apu in Apur Sansar (from the famous Apu Trilogy), he has done numerous roles and is best known for his roles in Sonar Kella, Joy Baba Felunath ,Akash Kusum, Jhinder Bandi , Teen Kanya, Sesh Prahar, Charulata and Abhijan amongst multiple others . And it is no big secret that he was Ray’s very favourite.

The man has not just outdone himself by singing a song this effortlessly; he is an inspiration for all of us. His undying spirit for adventure and trying out something he has never tried before at an age of 80+ years is truly amazing.

You have to take a look at the video of the making of Soumitra Chatterjee's jingle for Nutrela Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil to know the multi faceted genius the man is.

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  1. He does look a lot like Pranab Mukherjee no?!
    Or maybe it's the netaji-ish outfit.
    And yeah,Feluda...a lot of fun.
    I remember this battered,old book from the school library and thinking that Feluda was a lot like Fatty from the Mystery series!:)

  2. Interesting post, enjoyed reading it.
    Following you now, hope you will follow back <3


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