Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Blog award and am tagged again!!

Sunshine Award :-)
Kiran of Cherry Lane has been very kind and has passed on the Sunshine Award to me.. thank you so much kiran. She is the sweetest person I know on Blogspehere. Never met her in real life but I would love to. Check out her yummilicious blog here for great recipes and awesome make up tips and inspirations. :D


Thank the person who gave you the award. (Kiran,thank you so very much. I love you <3)

Write a post about it. (check)

Answer the questions that come with it.(check)

Pass it along to ten people and let them know they’ve received the award.(check)

Favorite Colour: Blue
Favorite Animal: Kittens and Puppies :)
Favorite Number: 7 (I just picked the first number that came in my mind :P)
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: As I said before,its tender coconut water. Next to it will be Masala Lemonade.
Facebook or Twitter:  I don't like either. But I choose Facebook coz I met some of my childhood buddies through it,so its special on sentimental value.
My Passion: Reading books and watching movies. All genre for both.
Getting or Giving Presents: Giving presents of course! Is there anything better than the satisfaction derived out of watching that smile on their face when you gift them something?? Ah whom am I lying,I do love receiving them as well,who doesn't. :P
Favorite Flower: Orchids,purple ones. And yellow rose buds.
Favorite Celebrity Role Model: Swami Vivekanada. I know,he isn't a celebrity but I have been awed by him and his preaching since I was a kid (no am not the philosophical kind). I visited his house (which is adjacent to my college) and the rock at Kanyakumari where he meditated and I did find peace. I don't believe in miracles and divine stuff (I do believe in God though) but strangely enough,I felt a weird unexplainable energy run through me when I went to these places. I found myself at rest,complete peace.

The lovely Emm from Circular Insanity and the sweet Sukanya of  Few Unnecessary stuff tagged me- 

The Rules.

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

11 things about me:
1) I am a Bengali by birth. But am an exception coz I don't have a sweet tooth which almost every other Bengali has.
2) I have a sister, 2 years younger to me,who is more like my kid :P (Yeah,you guessed it right, am a very bossy sis)
3) I can speak fluently in 4 languages - English, Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam and read and write in 3,the first 3 mentioned. And thanks to my cosmopolitan  schooling,I can fairly understand many others. I am planning to learn French,Spanish,Chinese and Persian in the future.
4) I spent 8 years of my childhood in Kochi, Kerala. No wonder,I speak Malayalam like a mallu ;)
5) My favorite subjects are Genetics,Mathematics and Anthropology (yes,that is what Bones did to me :D). Sadly,am not studying either of the three!! Don't ask me why!!
6) I am a self-confessed bookaholic, chocoholic and cinephile. I love classics.
7) I am an impulsive buyer most of the times and I do regret it at times.
8) I want to try scuba diving, para sailing /gliding, river rafting and bungee jumping at least once in my life. I also want to go on a cruise around the world (Cheers to wishful thinking!! :D)
9) I am a very moody person. My mood changes with the weather :P
10) Most people said they like my name but I don't like it. Reason- I dislike long names. No,am not planning to change my name anytime soon. That will cause too much trouble for everybody around me,remembering anew name for the same old person. I always wanted my and my sister's name to be June and May respectively. Why?? Coz  I was born in June and my sis was born in May. :P
11) Am a crazy punch of a hopeless romantic and a very rational empiricist. Most of the times,my brain i.e. my rational self wins the battle.

Ah thats enough from me!!

But we are not done yet!! Here are the questions Sukanya asked me-

1)Salon treatments with not so famous brands/ DIY home spa treatment with luxury brands?
- Definitely the latter.
2)Internet connection you are using?
- Tata
3)Favourite perfume?
- I love Lacoste's Touch of Pink but I usually use Adidas Pure.
4)Your comfort food?
- Am a foodie but sorry I don't know the idea of a comfort food. Whats that?? :O
5)You mostly shop for- makeup/outfits?
- I don't use too much of make up. But mostly i buy Maybelline and Lakme stuff. Clothes,no particular brands as such.
6) Stilettos / flats?
- Am very uncomfortable with stilettos,so I stick to flats. But I hope to walk smoothly in a stiletto someday
7)What do you love about my blog( I presume you read it!)?
- The wonderful reviews
8)Are you a dog lover?
- Yep, absolutely
9)Makeup Products you love (mention shaded) ?
- I don't use too much make up apart from Kajal (Maybelline's Collossal kajal), lip balm/gloss (usually Avon or Maybelline stuff) and nail colors(all kinds,no particular brand). Does Sunscreen fall under make up?? If yes,then I use VLCC's SPF 50 Sunscreen lotion.
10) Products you regret buying?
- A few lip sticks. I never used them,so had to giveaway to my cousins. And then a few earrings which are too big,I had bought them on my famous impulses.
11)How much time you spend on your blog(includes visiting other blogs) on an average day?
- Around 3 hours everyday. Sometimes even more.

And these are Emm's questions-

1)One Addiction:
- Tea.
2)Your favourite actor is?
- Colin Firth, Al Pacino, Hugh Jackman, Kevin Spacey, Hugh Grant,Dustin Hoffman,Tom Hanks,Tom Cruise,Leonardo di Caprio... the list is endless my friends ;)
3)Have you tried touching your nose with your tongue?
- yeah,tried it when I was a kid.
4)Would you be ready to wake up at 6 in the morning everyday?If yes, then what do you expect in return?
- I usually wake up at 6. But if you had asked me to get up an hour early I would expect to go an hour early to bed, the equation is equal :D
5)One thing you wish you had?
- Wish I could read people's thoughts or be invisible :D
6)Last movie that you liked was?
- Saw The Magdalene Sisters some time back and really liked it.
7)One thing very few people know about you?
- That I can be quite shy at times despite being an extrovert.
8)One brand that you wish would go on sale?
- Gucci . thats the first name that popped in my mind just now :P
9)Ideal birthday gift for you would be?(No, I won't be gifting!)
- Ummm...Take me to a book store and pay the bill :D
10)What makes you want to keep blogging?
- I like to keep myself occupied doing something productive,even if its something as small as blogging.
11)What did you eat day before yesterday in dinner? :P
- Ummm...Dal and roti maybe...I don't remember :P

Phew. This is turning out to be a very very long post.

Here are my 11 questions for you-

1) Why and what made you start blogging?
2) Did you meet any of your fellow bloggers?? How was the experience?
3) Is there any regular regimen that you follow religiously? What is it?
4) What is your favorite dish?
5) What do you like about my blog? (assuming you read it :P)
6) Do you think I should add something or remove anything from my blog? What is it?
7) What is your favorite pastime?
8) What is your favorite book,favorite movie and your favorite song? (ow thats 3 questions actually :P)
9) Who is the most inspiring person in your life?
10) Has there been any drastic change in you in the past 5-10 years? If yes,what is it?
11) Who is/are your favorite blogger(s)?

Here are the blogs I have chosen to pass this award on to and also tag them-
2) Beingfab of Shocks and Shoes
3) Jennifer of I know,right
4) Amber of Amber's Mouthwash
7) Rahul of Crash and Burn
8) Cheryl of Oh to Be a Muse 
9) Sukanya of Few Unnecessary stuff (Am not tagging you as well. You know why :P)
10) Aishwarya of Sweet hug
11) Ayantika of Bong's Belleza
12) Nitya of thePURPlEspirit 

Am also tagging Kiran from Cherry Lane 



  1. wowza! so much information all in one post. i can definitely say i learned a lot about you from reading this.

    i also love dogs and am not a big fan of stilettos. i wear heels, but they can get uncomfortable easily. i prefer wedges and flats. blue is also my fave color.

    thanks so much for giving me this award and tagging me!

  2. Hey Swarnali thank you soo much <3
    btw what is this for ? sunshine award or tag-o-mania ?

    1. Its for both...I passed on the award and also tagged you :) Was too lazy to separately tag people for each :P

    2. can undrstand...already tagged by 2 more friends and didn't post it ;)

  3. You speak FOUR languages?!? I'm very impressed and a bit envious. I only speak one. I tried learning Spanish in college, but never had anyone to practice on and eventually forgot it all. Haha!

    Also: "I am a self-confessed bookaholic, chocoholic and cinephile. I love classics." We are definitely the same person! :D

    These were such cute answers. I enjoyed learning more about you. And thank you so much for passing this award along to me! I haven't done a tag in ages, so I'm looking forward to answering your questions! xoxo

    1. Every Indian (I am counting the educated ones) here knows a minimum of 3 languages-English-the official language, Hindi-The national language and their mother tongue (which happens to be Bengali in my case). I know Malayalam coz I spent 8 years in Kerala. Yeah,you are right. I am already loosing my fluency in Malayalam as I don't have anybody who understands or speaks Malayalam here.
      Waiting to see your answers :D

  4. Congrats for the award! :)
    And thanks for visiting over!

    BTW i love your cover picture. Thats just amazing!

    Like me here :)
    Love from Bindigasm

  5. Thank you soo much Swarnali!!!! Lots of questions to answer :-) And I think this is the first time I'm hearing of a Bengali who can speak Malayalam fluently!! You have an amazing knack for languages!!

  6. thank you dear!!!
    well dont worry. u can speak to me either in malayalam. lets cherish ur old memories ..feeling happy too bcz here speaking english is a matter of pride and speaking malayalam is a matter of shame. people neglect their mother tongue as if they were born in England:P
    (this phenomenon is quite common evrywhre)

    p.s but i really didn understand this blog award, as i hav jus steppd into this blog wrld

    1. lol. yes, they do behave like they are English!

    2. I agree,it happens here as well...people take pride in speaking a language which is not their own and when I say that am proud speaking my mother tongue,am mocked as I study English and not Bengali.
      Accept the award and do a post the way i mentioned in my post and pass on the award to 10 other bloggers and tag 11 other people you know on blogsphere and ask them 11 questions.Just follow the instructions.

    3. Do a thing,just put up the award and say I tagged you as well and answer only the questions I gave you. And then tag and pass on the award to 11 other bloggers you know and put up the rules of the tag and the award.Ok??

  7. Ha! i knew most people dun rmr what they ate, I don't either:D and I like colin but I don't love him and how dare you dislike sweets! I love them but then I can always ask u to get me the KC Bose rasgullas and u won't finish them off midway;)

    1. Its KC Dass and not will sure get a can full of them for you if I ever meet you :D

  8. So lovely to learn more about you! I love reading people likes and dislikes! I hope that you do get a chance live your dream of scuba diving/bungee jumping. I have been paragliding twice (i.e. gliding in the sky with a big kite typa thing not attached to anything) and I think you will love it!! Its not scary at just feel like you are floating gently above ground looking down on the world. You have to try it!

    1. Yeah i know about paragliding and thats the reason why I want to try it out. Thanks a bunch :D

  9. Congrats on the award! I love getting to know you better.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. congrats on the award buddy... I haven't really seen a bong and mallu connection yet..So its hard to believe that I see a bond mallu person today...Strange ehh

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for dropping by and following me.
      People used to think that i am a mallu until I told them that am a bong(both in Kolkata and in Kochi). :D Sadly,I have lost quite a lot of my fluency in Malayalam now after coming to Kolkata but still I can speak Malayalam fairly well.
      I do know people who can speak both Malayalam and Bengali equally well,so thats not really a surprise for me,but considering the disparity in the two languages,it can be quite surprising to many :)

  11. Awe thank you so much Swarnali! All your answers are so fun and playful. It was fun to learn more about you!!


  12. Will you punch me if I say that I absolutely love love love your name? It's got such a musial lilt to it. I always wish I had a pretty name. :/

    You speak Malayalam like a malayali?! That's awesome! I can't stand it when non-Mallus murder my language by trying to speak it.

    1. I might make a face but I won't punch you.I would have to punch almost every other person I know if I did that to very person who liked my name :P
      Now,will you spank me if I don't speak Malayalam exactly like a mallu. I might not have a proper mallu accent :P
      I really like it when people make an effort to learn and speak in a new language but murdering it intentionally is something I really hate.


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