Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life as it is

Hurray  exam over...yay!! Well I shouldn't be this exited as exam-saurus will be returning after two months ... :(
Never mind, am somebody who is a strict follower of the carpe-diem  theory (It means "seize the day" in case you didn't know). So enjoy as long as its not exam time again :P

This time we had to do creative writing in our paper VII. Had to do either of these-A poem on life,a short story about the little joys in life,a dialogue between two old people about their likes and dislikes in the modern world or a travelogue about a place of scenic beauty. I had planned to do this question in the end. But as luck would have it I was left with only the last 5 minutes to finish this one!! After a quick debate in my head,I decided to do the quickest i.e. the poem!! That was the only one which could be completed in a page,others would take a minimum of 5-6 pages. 
This was the first time I attempted a poem (for that matter I never tried to compose anything before,not of the creative type,see??). Just thought of sharing the poem that I wrote in less than 5 minutes-


Life is a queer little thing;
Comes around everyday
Dressed in a new garb
Shocking sometimes,
Sometimes surprising.

People come and people go.
Some usher joy,
Some bring sorrow;
Some come with sunshine and

Some tread paths like shadows.

Love and hatred move
In an endless coil;
These sudden twists and turns
Are what makes it life
And living it better than death.

I found this one a bit too simple for an exam but I couldn't do anything better within that time limit. Some friends who read it found it to be good enough. Aishwarya of Sweet Hug said she liked it...thank you so much girl!! Would love to know your honest comments on this. Feel free to tell me even if you didn't like it and also what changes I could do to make it better.

On a different note,this year begun the most wonderful way it could. I won the new year's giveaway hosted at A Lot of Pages. I received the book yesterday from wrapped beautifully in a pretty shiny paper and a cute congratulations card :D. Thank you so so much A Lot of Pages for hosting the giveaway and for sponsoring the award. I got,Shock Point by April Henry,a teen fiction I suppose (not a big fan of this genre but I didn't know it before choosing the book,the book might surprise me though!!) Its an imported edition,so took ten days to reach me after I had ordered. 
Can't wait to read it!! Take a look at the book. -

Bubbye till next.


  1. I am not a poem person but let me tell you though simple, it hold a greater meaning...depth and magnitude. Poems needn't be complicated to make an impact something as simple as this can touch the hearts too...and for me it's simple, straight and sweet....

  2. Copyright this NOW!! lol I cant believe you wrote this in 5 mins, its so beautiful and true. You are extremely good at articulating your thoughts! You have such a rare talent! Coming from a nobody but I think that you will be a great writer! x

  3. @Pretty in colors!_Am glad you thought this is nice :)
    @Kiran_OMG!! Thank you so much!! Am flattered :D
    Of course you aint nobody!! Its you readers who motivate do mean a lot to me...guess i am motivated enough to try out something better next time :)

  4. I cant believe this poem has been composed in the rushy hours of exam!! This looks as if coming from deep realizations! Awesome gal! r u bengali? and hey! I am your new GFC follower :) :)

    1. Thank you so much,that means a lot to me :D Yes am a Bengali and thanks for the follow :)


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